Does Odogwu bitters cure infection?

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Can I use Obi Cubana’s Odogwu herbal bitters to cure my frequent urinary tract infection, sexually transmitted infection, and staphylococcus?

The honest answer:

The answer is no… Odogwu herbal bitters is an alcoholic drink that has not medicinal or antibiotic property…it is an agbo jedi with a touch of alcohol packaged in a fanciful container…

Does Odogwu bitters cure infection?
Odogwu bitters is not an antibiotic that cures bacteria infection

If you have infection and you intend to have it treated, then your best best is seeing a doctor, Odogwu herbal bitters will not help you….it may keep you alert though.

Don’t waste your time trying to use Odogwu bitters to treat staph infection.


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