Aframomum melegueta stick benefits

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Aframomum melegueta (or Alligator pepper) belongs to the plant family- Zingiberaceae. It is locally referred to as “ata ire” in Yoruba, “chitta” in Hausa and “ose oji” in Igbo. Aframomum melegueta is also known as guinea pepper, hepper pepper, melegueta pepper or mbongo spice. This fruit contains many seeds usually enclosed in their pods. The seeds are typically brownish in colour with a sharp peppery and pungent taste.

In most African settings like traditional marriages, town meetings etc, Aframomum melegueta is typically served with kola nuts to guests as a means of entertainment. It is also a spicy delight in most western cuisines. The seeds and leaves can be used as salad toppings, making pepper soup, stews and more. Asides its culinary purposes, it is also used for medicinal purposes.

Aframomum melegueta stick
Aframomum melegueta stick pictures

Native to West Africa, Aframomum melegueta has both nutritional and medicinal values. Over years, alligator peppers have been used to treat several diseases in traditional medicine due to its many healing effects. Even the seed extracts serve as an antidote against diseases.

Alligator pepper seeds are rich in phytonutrients such as tannins, flavonoids, saponin, glycosides and phenolic compound. These phytonutrients help in treating diseases and other benefits. In addition, this spice contains antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

Aframomum melegueta stick benefits

Treat skin problems:

Alligator pepper can be prepared as an herbal medicine and used to treat infectious skin diseases such as smallpox, chicken pox and measles.

Alleviate pain:

Due to its analgesic properties, the extract can be serve as a pain relief from aches. Toothaches, joint pain, stomach pain, arthritic pain can be alleviated with alligator pepper.

Has stimulating effects:

Due to its aphrodisiac properties, alligator pepper can be used to stimulate sexual desires and increase libido. Also, due to its stimulating properties and pungent and peppery taste of its seeds; chewing alligator pepper helps keep the body alert.

Decrease inflammation:

Alligator pepper has anti-inflammatory properties that help protect the body against inflammation.

Treat Malaria:

The leaves can be made into herbal tea and used to treat and prevent malaria.

Treat Gastrointestinal disorders:

The extracts of this seed can be used to treat gastrointestinal issues like ulcers, diarrhea, stomach pain and intestinal worms.

Aid digestion:

The seeds of this fruit allow for easy digestion of food, as well as prevent digestive issues like bloating and constipation.

Heal wounds:

Alligator pepper is effective at healing wounds, soothing inflammations and treating burns. This is attributed to the high amount of tannin in the seeds. To use, crush the seeds and make into concoctions.

Treat fertility issues:

Alligator pepper can serve as a remedy for female infertility. It can help increase a woman’s chance of getting pregnant. To prepare, grind one whole alligator pepper, dried locust beans and three seeds of ripe pawpaw and make into a herbal medicine.

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