Nutritionally the difference between brown rice and white rice is? Is brown rice healthier than white rice?

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Brown rice vs white rice : What’s better for you? Which is more nutritious?

Ask anyone around you which out of these two is a healthier and better option and most people will answer brown rice. That’s because how brown rice has been/is being marketed.

Yes, there are some differences between the two, but do these differences make a strong case for you to choose the more expensive brown rice over white rice. Let’s see.

β€’ White rice has a higher glycemic index than brown rice but any kind of rice is almost always eaten with some other foods containing protein, fats and fiber which slow down digestion and bring down the glycemic index. Also glycemic index matters when you’re eating something after an overnight fast and that too in isolation, which is definitely not the case with rice.
Hence white rice and brown rice are just about the same in this regard.

β€’ The difference in their fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals and antinutrients content.

Nutritionally the difference between brown rice and white rice is? Check here πŸ‘‡πŸΏ
Nutritionally the difference between brown rice and white rice is? Check here for more information.

If you compare the brown and white versions of any rice brands, you will realise that there is a very small difference in fiber and protein content of the two.
Yes, brown rice does have slightly more vitamins and minerals than white rice, however it doesn’t make any noticeable difference to your fat loss, muscle gain etc.
Also fiber and phytate present in brown rice act as antinutrients and can affect the absorption of the vitamins and minerals it has.
Hence, once again brown rice and white rice are almost the same in this regard as well.

β€’ In terms of digestibility, almost nobody has trouble digesting white rice but there are people who seem to have digestive issues(gas, bloating etc.) after eating brown rice.

β€’All forms of rice contain some arsenic which is toxic, just like water, fruits, vegetables etc do. However studies have shown that arsenic content is significantly higher in brown rice as compared to white rice.

β€’ In terms of taste, it’s a personal preference, however more people prefer to like white rice better than brown rice tastewise.

So, looking at all these points, it’s clear that there is no significant nutritional difference between the two and either can be a part of your healthy diet based on your personal preference.

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