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👉What is not allowed in NYSC camp?
👉What do I need for NYSC orientation camp?
👉How many days do corpers spend in the camp?
👉Is Coloured hair allowed in NYSC camp

What do I need for NYSC orientation camp?


1. Prepare Your Mind:

First and foremost, you need to prepare your mind that you are leaving home for a regimented life in the camp. Life in the camp is deliberately made stressful so as to prepare you for any challenge that may confront you outside the camp.

Things needed for NYSC camp
Things needed for NYSC camp….a youth corp member in camp leading the parade

You will not find it too comfortable, It’s a camp and not your Father’s house! Just be ready for anything.

2. Itemize All Your Needs Using A Scale Of Preference (very important ones first):
1. Very Important Ones
a. Statement of Result
b. School ID Card
c. Passport photographs (30 copies, Surplus is better than inadequacy)
d. Call-Up Letter (DO NOT laminate it please)
e. A Clear Bag file (To house the above items)

NB: Get 10 photocopies each of items A,B, and D above. The copies may be surplus.

2. Important Ones (For your Convenience)
a. Stapler, pin and office gum (will save you the stress of ‘borrow-me’)
b. Two or three white T-shirts and shorts (You will be given two sets but you may not like the quality)
c. Two or three pairs of socks and a white rubber tennis shoes (for rainy days)
d. Bathroom slippers and Dettol
f. Two plastic buckets (You can buy it in the camp but it will be more expensive) and a permanent marker
g. Sponge and its case, bath-soap and detergent
h. Bedsheet, towel and wrapper and two pairs of casual wear
i. Mosquito Net (not compulsory)
j. Handkerchiefs (very important especially for those that sweat)
k. Waist bag (very very important for housing your phones, ID Cards, Handkerchief, biros, etc)
l. Novels to while away time and relieve boredom (but no dull moment Sha)
m. Small-sized Torchlight/Rechargeable lamp (small one please)
n. Your ATM card(s)
o. Cooler cup and spoon
q. Beverages
r. Ladies could add any other few conveniences. I believe you understand me
s. Money! Money! Money! Hold good cash please depending on how you spend
t. Power bank to charge your phone..

Is Coloured hair allowed in NYSC camp?

No. Tainted hair is forbidden in nysc camps…Dont forget NYSC camp is military run and highly regimented.

How many days do corpers spend in the camp?

21 days….3 weeks.

What is not allowed in NYSC camp?

1. Laziness

2. Disobedience to military command or flouting of instructions

3. Fighting

4. Nacks in camp (i know say body no be firewood sha but)

5. Sneaking out of camp

6. Drinking alcohol in camp

7. Loofing around after lights out

8. Moving around camp without proper identification….please do not go to nysc camp without your school ID card

9. Laptops are not allowed in almost all the camps in Nigeria

10. Stealing

Is laptop allowed in nysc camps?

No. In my NYSC camp in Keffi, nassarawa state those days, laptops corp members was disallowed from bringing laptops into camps for various reasons…some camps may allow laptops though but most dont.

More information as culled from the National NYSC page on Facebook


Things needed for NYSC camp


1. Call-up letter (+3 photocopies)
2. Green slip
3. School ID card(+3 photocopies)
4. Statement of result(+3 photocopies)
5. Medical fitness
6. Passport photos (8 copies of any background)
7. Medical PCMs (professional permanent license, only for medical students alone).

1. Khaki cap
2. NYSC crested vest
3. Khaki jacket. (over size)
4. Khaki boot (under or over size)
5. Two pairs of nysc sucks
6. Two white round neck T-shirt
7. NYSC canvas (either under size or over size)
8. Khaki belt.
9. Khaki trouser. (over size)

1. Writing pen
3. Jotter
4. Permanent marker (optional)

1. Jumat / Church wears for the religious ones (optional)
2. Plain white round neck T-shirt
3. Plain white short nickers
4. Carnival costume /cultural wears (optional)
5. Plain white rubber shoe
6. Plain white sneakers (optional)
7. White sucks (as many as you want)

MONEY (Carry as much as you can but if you don’t have, still feel alright).

1. Toiletries
2. Bed sheet and blanket
3. Beverages (milk, corn flakes, custard etc)
4. Body cream
5. Bucket(rubber) and bowler
6. Cardigan WHITE
7. Food flask / plates, cup.
8. Spoon
9. Washing Detergent
10. WHITE Handkerchief
11. Mosquito net/ repellent (I never experienced a bit of mosquitoes while there though)
12. Padlock
13. Waist pouch (bag)
14. Power bank is highly recommended
15. Bathing slippers
16. Water container (optional)
17. Sunglasses (optional)
18. Torch light (optional)
19. Wrist watch
20. Your medication (if any). If you are asthmatic, please take your inhaler along and let your camp doctors know.
21. Your phone
22. Ladies know their bathroom needs.

1. Mattress
2. Car, keke, bike, bicycle etc
3. Sophisticated devices eg laptop,
4. Electrical appliances eg pressing iron, clippers, extension wire etc
5. Cookeable food stuff eg raw yam, rice, beans, noodles etc
6. Metallic cutleries eg fork, table knife etc
7. Weapons of any kind.
8. Flammable devices like camp gas, stove etc
9. Don’t taint your hair to any color, cut your beards short also

When given an oversized or undersized shoes, find someone (fellow PCM) who has what you are looking for and exchange or better still be polite in approaching any other platoon officer who have your size to exchange for you.

And then, for the khaki trouser and jacket be rest assured of giving your #1500 to the mami tailors for the resizing.

Believing the above to be applicable in every other camp of the federation.

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