Can i soak cloves in water and drink?

Yes you can. It is not poisonous but rather healthy to drink clove water.

Soak clove is water and drink to get the following health benefits below:

Health benefits of soaked cloves overnight, use only 2 to soak

1. Help improve saliva production that is essential to kick start the digestion process.

It can also increase gastric secretions and reduce symptoms associated with stomach pain, excess gas, and indigestion.

Can i soak cloves in water and drink?
Can i soak cloves in water and drink? Yes. It is healthy.

2. Reduce weight
Cloves helps on increasing of metabolism rate which is helpful in reducing weight

3. Keep blood sugar in check
clove help promote insulin production, which, in turn, lowers blood sugar

4. Antibacterial properties
Good for oral hygiene and killing bacteria.

5. Helps with inflammation
Rich in antioxidants, they can help you reduce oxidative stress & inflammation. Clove water benefits patients with arthritis.

6. Builds the immune system
Drinking it every morning can boost your immune system, protect against infections & cases of flu.

7. Promotes bone health
Help to preserve bone mass, increase bone density & strength. It is also an excellent source of manganese that is vital for overall bone health.

Remember to go Organic
Try replacing your morning cup of milk/tea/coffee with a warm clove tea. The improvements in your health will surprise you.

Improves hair growth:

Clove water is fantastic for hair growth. It dries out you hair so it’s good to combine it with oils and butters. You can always combine it with your leave in conditioner. Disclaimer: this isn’t medical advice, ask your grandma, mama and cousins. Also, talk to your doctor first.

You have seen the numerous benefits of drinking clove water and what you stand to gain if you make it your routine.



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