When to take cinnamon and milk for fertility.

Cinnamon is a spice that can serve both culinary and medicinal purposes. It is an ancient spice renowned in places such as India, Egypt, South America and Sri Lanka. It is regarded as a super spice because of its powerful antioxidant and other properties it contains.

These properties make it a very potent spice for treatment of diseases and conditions. One of such conditions cinnamon treats is infertility issues. It has proven to be effective for fertility. More still, when combined with milk, becomes a more potent remedy.

This article aims to discuss all that pertains the use of cinnamon and milk for fertility including the best time to use it.

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Cinnamon and Milk Benefits for Fertility

Cinnamon and milk have shown to be effective in helping couples with fertility issues get pregnant with ease. It is considered a natural herbal fertility remedy. Cinnamon is a spicy and hot food that helps provide warmth to the body, this helps maintain a healthy blood flow/circulation all though the body. And even to the pelvic region. Increase in blood flow helps boost libido.

When to take cinnamon and milk for fertility
Cinnamon and milk is best taken in the morning or at night to boost fertility

For men who take cinnamon and milk regularly, this mixture increases their chances of getting a woman pregnant. So, if as a man, you experience weak , premature ejaculation, reduced libido levels; cinnamon and milk is an effective remedy for you. It also helps boost your sperm count and motility.

This combo- cinnamon and milk is also very effective in women as it is to men. Cinnamon and milk consumption can help regulate your menstrual cycle, including irregular menstrual cycles. Additionally, it helps manage PCOS- (a condition that could affect fertility levels in women). It helps reduce and ease the symptoms and effects of PCOS. The best part of this drink is it increases your chances of getting pregnant, it makes conception more likely. So, if you’re a woman with no medical condition and you’re having issues with getting pregnant, you can try out this remedy.

How Much Cinnamon and Milk should I take for Fertility?

At least a cup daily of the cinnamon and milk drink is recommended for men and women who struggle with fertility and conception.

When to take Cinnamon and Milk for Fertility?

The best time to take cinnamon and milk drink is at night. You can also take a cup in the morning. However, ensure to take a cup of this mix at night before you sleep.

How long should I take Cinnamon and Milk for positive results?

For positive results, you can drink a cup of cinnamon and milk regularly. Till you see results, you can continue for a period of three to six months. Cinnamon and milk is believed to be very effective for fertility; therefore, in no due time you should see results. That is if consumed moderately and regularly. However, if after a period of six months, you still see no result. Please visit the clinic for checkup.

How to Prepare Cinnamon and Milk for Fertility?

You can increase your chances of getting pregnant as a woman, or getting your partner pregnant as a man when you drink cinnamon with milk. Simply follow these directions.

Ingredients needed:

A cup of milk
Cinnamon powder
Honey (optional)


In a sauce pan or pot, heat a cup of milk.
Add in some freshly grounded cinnamon.
You can also add honey if you wish.

How Safe is Cinnamon and Milk when trying to conceive?

Depending on your intake, cinnamon and milk drink inclusion as part of your diet is generally considered safe when trying to conceive. For positive results, ensure to consume moderately and regularly, especially at night as discussed above.

Lastly, if diagnosed of a medical condition especially conditions that affect fertility like PCOS, uterine fibroids, erectile dysfunction or impotence; please ensure to see your doctor before use. As other measures beyond herbal remedies may be taken.

You may also be placed on available medical treatment options to aid fertility and conception. The decision on the best available treatment option for you will be made together by you and your doctor.

Cinnamon and milk are fertility boosters…you can add cloves.

Dont forget the role of exercise in fertility treatment.

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