Why is Manix taken with milk? Can Manix be taken with water?

You noticed that the manufacturer of manix capsule (the drug used to treat erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, and to increase sperm motility) has instructed that it should be taken with #milk and you begin to wonder why? You ask yourself if manix capsule can be taken with water instead of #milk.

The reasons are not far fetched, manix is recommended to be taken with #milk because with milk, it works better and the side effects like nausea, diarrhoea abdominal pains etc become less…

Milk also enhances its absorption time of #manix and makes it less harsh to the lining of the stomach and the gut. For example, using #milk to take #manix capsule will make its onset of action faster and rate of excretion from the system also faster.

Why is Manix taken with milk
Why is Manix taken with milk? Read

Milk also helps manix capsule to dissolve in record time in the gut.

Another theory is that the gastric acid (hydrochloric acid which manix cannot withstand) in the stomach will dissolve and destroy manix before it gets to the intestine where it is actually absorbed to carry out its function…milk will help neutralize the acidic gastric contents so it it will not destroy the swallowed manix thereby making it ineffective.. or losing its efficacy.

Use hollnadia milk, vitamilk, peak milk, dano milk, cowbell milk or three crowns milk to take your manix capsule daily for about 30 – 90 days….

Outside the already established benefits, manix capsule is a rich supplement that gives vitality to the body…it removes toxic oxygen radicals from the blood.

Now, can one take manix capsule with water?

The answer to this question is yes but #milk is preferable if you want to get the desired result. Take it according to the manufacturer’s instruction – milk not water.

Dr Udomoh

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