How to overcome writer’s block

Does writer’s block really exist?

I had always been hearing of writer’s block, but never knew what it was because I was not really into writing when I heard it.

When I became intentional about writing, I believed that I always had writer’s block and that was one thing that stopped me from being productive.

It stopped me from making the most of my time and resources. It stopped me from developing my writing skills and trying out writing styles.

Anytime I felt like writing, I would just feel blank, stare at the pages of the book, turn them over and over, chew my pen and postpone writing to another time. I found an escape route. (I cannot kee myself 😂).

Writer’s block is a condition in which the writer is unable to develop new ideas and feels stuck in the writing process.

Writer’s block is when that imaginary bird that whispers ideas to you has gone on a strike.

How to overcome writer's block
How to overcome writer’s block? She explains it all.

Sometimes, writers encounter a block because they are not giving that bird appropriate food to make it happy enough to lay eggs (ideas). I hope you understood that analogy.

Many writers have chosen those two words as their safe haven and make use of them to the extreme.

Why do you think you experience writer’s block?

Perhaps, you are not reading good books enough. When you are not reading content from other writers, you may get a block.

Let me tell you a secret. Bring your ear.

Most of the time, you are just being a lazy writer, hiding under the umbrella of writer’s block. You are just being lazy, nothing else.

Remember I said I thought I used to have writer’s block, well, I didn’t. It was all laziness.

Now, I don’t believe there is such a thing as writer’s block.

One of the things that causes writer’s block is procrastination.

When you always postpone writing to another time, tell me how the content ideas you have, will not develop wings and fly away.

Stop putting the blame on writer’s block, it is your fault.

Not being able to come with new ideas can be very stressful and disturbing, but you can overcome it by reading and having a writing prompt.

Knowing that you have been salvaged with the responsibility of delivering value to your audience will definitely chase writer’s block away.

Having a strong WHY would also chase writer’s block away. Knowing what you want to achieve through your writings would chase writer’s block away.

If your WHY is not strong, writer’s block is inevitable. If you are writing just because your friend is writing, though it may be a good push, but you would experience writer’s block because you do not have the same zeal as your friend.

You may experience writer’s block because you have overworked yourself. Get up. Stroll around.

Do what you love doing, it could be a game, play it.
Music? Listen to it.

Do what you enjoy doing for a few hours. Take a walk.

Clear your head.

Then, see how content ideas will flow into your head.

And please let me know if you got value.

The world awaits your manifestation.
© Mercy Ajeigbe.


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