African food that boost sperm count…How to boost sperm count naturally in Nigeria

Having fertility issues or troubles getting your wife pregnant? Then, this is for you.

One of the factors why youre unable to perform your manly duties well enough could be because of a low sperm count. A low sperm count reduces the chances of you impregnating your spouse. More still, could decrease your sexual performance or cause weak erections or premature ejaculation during the act. Low sperm count has been attributed as one of the prominent fertility issues in men.

Nonetheless, consumption of healthy diet has been found to be helpful in boosting sperm count. Certain foods specifically loaded with antioxidants, folic acids, iron, zinc, vitamin C are effective at boosting sperm count.

In regards to this, this article aims to bring to you, African foods that help in boosting sperm count.

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African foods that boost sperm count

1. Beans:

Beans is one popular African food that plays a significant role in sperm production and concentration. This is because of the presence of zinc, a vital nutrient that helps improve sperm count and motility. Any way you decide to prepare this food; be it beans cake (akara), moimoi, beans porridge; addition of this meal to your diet will do your body a whole lot of good as a man.

African food that boost sperm count
Beans boost sperm count
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2. Green leafy vegetables:

Green leafy vegetables such as spinach, water leaves, pumpkin, celery, bitter leaves and many more are rich sources of antioxidants, iron, vitamin C, and folic acid. These nutrients are beneficial and are essential for sperm development. They are not only good for boosting sperm count, but also improving overall health. Consumption of these vegetables will help boost your sperm count especially if youve been diagnosed with low sperm count.

African food that boost sperm count
Eating green leafy vegetable is good for sperm production

3. Unripe plantain:

Another African food that help boost sperm count is unripe plantain. Unripe plantain, either consumed as plantain porridge, boiled or roasted helps increase sperm count and also thicken semen.

4. Fish:

Although an intercontinental dish, fish is a good source of protein in Africa. It is one of the African foods that help in boosting sperm count. Fish are rich sources of vitamin B-12, and D, essential nutrients for sperm production and quality. Mackerel, and salmon are good examples. They help increase testosterone production as well, and boost sperm count and motility.

5. Eggs:

Eggs are good sources of protein, zinc and vitamin E. Addition of eggs to your diet will help keep your sperm healthy and improve sperm motility. As a man, eggs will do a lot of good for your sperm as they help boost sperm count and production. Eggs can be cooked in different ways- boiled, fried, scrambled etc. Kindly note that they all have the same effect.

Foods that increase sperm count
Eggs helps to increase sperm count

6. Garlic:

Garlic contains antioxidants and selenium that helps enhance sperm motility. The presence of allicin in this spice helps increase blood flow to the penile region. Which in turn, contributes to sperm protection from damage.

Garlic is a known sperm booster

7. Tomatoes:

Tomatoes are great at boosting fertility in men. They contain lycopene, an antioxidant that helps boost sperm health. Regular consumption of this fruit increases sperm count and significantly improves fertility in men.

African food that boost sperm count
Tomatoes boost semen production

8. Bananas:

Bananas contain an enzyme known as bromelain that helps boost sperm motility and count. Also, they contain vitamin A and C that assist in maintaining healthy sperm production. Bananas play a huge role in male fertility. They also help boost testosterone production, regulate sex hormones and boost mood.

Banana and groundnut boost sperm count

9. Tiger nuts:

Tiger nuts is also believed to help increase testosterone production and sperm count. This is attributed to the presence of quercetin, zinc, vitamin C and E.

Tiger nuts is a sperm count booster

10. Dates:

Dates are rich in antioxidants and are known to help boost sperm count and improve semen quality. They also help increase libido, and regulate male hormones.

Dates and sperm count

Other foods like groundnuts, watermelon, cumcumber, kunu etc are african foods th help increase sperm count. Eat them.


I believe you found this article helpful? Feel free to add other African foods not listed that has proven useful in sperm count improvement in the comment section below.

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