Can i get pregnant after taking postinor-2? can i get pregnant after taking postpill?

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Good morning Sir, I am Jane from South Africa, we read your wonderful blog posts down her and it is educative. I am a 25 year old lady and recently I had an unprotected sex following which I took postinor 2 (morning-after-pills) there after. I am scared I want to know if it was still possible to get pregnant after taking postinor? I have seen too many ladies that got pregnant after taking postinor…I don’t want to be one of them.

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Good morning Jane.

Postinor 2 works through one or the two of the following mechanisms to prevent pregnancy.

1. Prevent ovulation and hence their will be no released egg for the sperm to fertilize and pregnancy cannot take place.

2. Thickening of the cervical mucus to prevent sperm from passing through the cervix to the fallopian tubes to fertilize the eggs.

Can i get pregnant after taking postinor-2?

The answer is YES and here are the scientific reasons.

The earlier postinor 2 is taken after unprotected sex, the higher the chances in preventing pregnancy. Normally postinor 2 works better if taken immediately or within 72 hours after unprotected sex. In which case, the rate of preventing pregnancy (efficacy) is 85 percent.

can i get pregnant after taking postinor-2
can i get pregnant after taking postinor-2? Yes. But it depends on certain factors.

If taken after 72 hours, i.e. after 3 days, the ability of postinor to prevent pregnancy decreases. At 120 hours (5 days), the risk of pregnancy is 5 times greater if taken within 24 hours.

Another reason why you may get pregnant after taking postinor or postpill is your weight. Research has revealed that postinor 2 is not as effective in overweight and obese women compared to normal weight women. Infact, as your weight increases, the efficacy of postinor decreases. So the reason you may get pregnant after taking postinor is because of your weight, the postinor 2 became less effective in preventing you from getting pregnant.

Overweight and obese women are however, not excluded from taking postinor 2, just ensure you take the morning after pills early to ensure its efficacy.

Finally, taking expired or fake postinor will fail you and increase your chances of getting pregnant. Of course you know that fake or expired postinor do not work and will not prevent you from getting pregnant after taking it after unprotected sex. Ensure you buy your postinor from a reputable pharmacy to avoid buying fake postinor2 or postpill and don’t always forget to check the expiry date.

You can now see why it is possible to get pregnant after taking postinor 2 or postpill above.

Please be reminded that postinor 2 or postpill pills are not abortion pills.

Thank you.

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