Can awolowo leaf cure staph infection?

Awolowo leaf or akintola leaf or indepence leaf as some love to call it is not an antibiotic and therefore cannot cure staph infection as many quacks claim.

Can awolowo leaf cure staph?
Can awolowo leaf cure staph? No

Come to think of it, why are many persons so fixated on staphylococcus infection? Almost every disease these days including waist pain and even hypertension is blamed on a innocent staph that is not even trying to look for your trouble…

Do you get?

If no, then this passage I culled from a doctor on Facebook will help.

1. Staphylococcus is not a disease entity, it is just a bacterium.
2. It is not a sexually transmitted infection. It cannot be transmitted via intercourse.
3. It is not toilet infection.
4. It does not cause loss of sleep.
5. It does not cause “noisy stomach” or crawling sensation in the skin.
6. It does not cause ‘internal heat’
7. It does not cause excessive sweating.
8. It does not cause vaginal discharge.
9. It is not a cause of tubal factor infertility.
10. It does not cause fibroid.
11. It does not cause urethral discharge.
12. It does not cause low sperm count.
13. It does not cause erectile dysfunction.
14. It does not cause premature ejaculation.
15. It does not cause poor sexual performance.
16. There is no such thing as “ chronic staph”.
17. It does not cause watery sperm
18. Staph does not cause tiredness or chronic fatigue.

Can awolowo leaf cure staphylococcus infection?


Symptoms like noisy stomach and epigastric pain may be suggestive of dyspepsias, while internal heat and crawling sensations may suggest somatoform disorders or anxiety neurosis.

The advice is that, she or he who is sick should go and see a medical doctor who will advise them appropriately who diagnosis not by arbitrarily self treating a non-existent staphylococcus at home

People should resist being deceived by some individuals who parade themselves as “staphylococcus specialists”.

Please do the right thing and let staphylococcus be the least of your worries when you are sick.

Thank you.

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