Can I drink avocado seed water while pregnant?

Avocado seed water has numerous health benefits I cannot exhaust here but I will like to talk on whether avocado seed water is good for pregnant women or in pregnancy.

A pregnant woman once wrote to the NIGERIAN HEALTH BLOG to inquire whether it is safe to drink avocado seed water at the first , second or third trimester.

My Answer:

While it is safe to eat avocado during pregnancy because it is rich in essential vitamins especially folic acid, the safety of drinking avocado seed water in pregnancy is not well documented….Some authors, however, feel it is safe or at best causes no harm while others think avocado seed water should be avoided altogether during pregnancy especially in early pregnancy….

Can I drink avocado seed water while pregnant?
Can I drink avocado seed water while pregnant?

Avoid all forms of herbal preparations during pregnancy….some of these preparations can cause congenital birth anomalies like hole in the heart, duodenal atresia, hypoplastic lungs etc.

Instead of looking for herbal concoction, why not take your routine antenatal drugs? They are safe and has no controversy.

Discuss with your doctor first before taking avocado seed water during pregnancy or while breastfeeding…

Understood? Thank you.

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