Can osu fruit cure high blood pressure?

Osu fruit has a blood pressure lowering property not doubt but it does not cure hypertension or high blood pressure as widely claimed.

Hypertension has no cure you know. It can only be managed with BP drugs like amlodipine, nifedipine, frusemide, losartan etc

Instead of banking on Osu fruit to treat your high blood pressure, while not have faith in your anti-hypertensive drugs? They will help you manage your elevated blood pressure and also protect your kidneys, heart and brain from hypertensive injury.

Can osu fruit cure high blood pressure?
Osu fruit and hypertension

#Osu fruit, though healthy, will not cure your hypertension or regulate your blood pressure to normal.

Nothing also stops you from taking your Osu fruit if you are on your BP drugs. They don’t interact negatively.

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