How to use Osu fruit for diabetes cure.

We showed us this fruit some days ago and some people said it’s AVOCADO.

Maybe because of its size and appearance 😊 The name of this fruit -pod is called ILE- ABEERE in Yoruba and in Benin it’s called “Osu fruit or Osu seed”. The fruit has always been found in Benin city, where the coat is removed, washed and dried. The seed is what we call “ABEERE”

One of our Core Seed for treating DIABETES

The effect of abeere seed extracts on selected enzymes showed an enhancement in the activities of alkaline phosphatase.

How to use Osu fruit for diabetes cure
How to use Osu fruit for diabetes cure

It’s used for so many things but more effective when added with several other roots and herbs

We are yet to use just the “seed” (ABEERE) for sterility and fertility in both men and women. So we do not have any claim that it works effectively well for fertility for now.

Meanwhile, it works perfectly when it’s mixed with Raw Coconut water to help regulate and decrease high blood sugar. It also contains B9 and Vitamin K.

It also reduces lower abdominal fat and truncal obesity

Caveat: Learn more about this Fruit before going to purchase because you heard it’s good for Diabetes.

Osu fruit can be taken with antidiabetic drugs like metformin or dionil.

Ask questions on prescriptions/dosage about it before consumption…

Discuss with your doctor about the benefits of Osu fruit to patients living with diabetes though.

Over dosing yourself with this can affect your liver. Take with moderation.

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