Side effects and Health Benefits of Osu Fruit in Benin

Osu fruit has antidiabetic and sugar lowering property. Osu fruit also has anti- obesity and weight loss properties that many people underestimate. It is popular among the Igbo, Yoruba , Benin and even Hausa people.

Different names of Osu fruit

English name of Osu fruit;

Botanical name for OSU fruit: Hunteria Umbellata

Osu fruit in Yoruba language: Erin

Osu fruit in Igbo language: Nkpokiti fruit

Osu fruit in Hausa language:

Osu fruit in Benin language: osu

Nutritional value of OSU fruit

Osu fruit is rich in potassium, magnesium, sodium, fibres, low calories, and proteins.

Health benefits of Osu fruit

(1) osu fruit lower high blood sugar level and this makes Osu fruit good for diabetics

(2) osu fruit enhances liver and kidney function. It is good for liver and kidney health.

(3) Osu fruit serves as a good immune system booster and helps the body fight infection

(4) Osu has a good sugar lowering property. It stimulates the pancreas to produce more insulin which helps in conversion of sugar to glycogen and fats

(5) it removes excess sugar in the blood

(6) Osu fruit helps in the healing of stomach ulcers

(7) Osu fruit helps to cure irregular mentrual pain

(8) Osu fruit treats hypertension and helps regulate your blood pressure

(9) Osu fruit stimulates the release of leptin in the blood stream. Leptin is good for reducing your appetite for eating too much and weight loss or prevention of obesity.

(10) Eating Osu fruit helps to lower blood cholesterol

Depending on what you are using this wonderful, miracle seed for,it works great

Pictures of Osu fruit

How to use Osu fruit for diabetes

How to prepare Osu fruit for diabetes

Cut the osu fruit into cubes soak with very clean water for 24 hours. Half glass cup drink before taking anything in the morning and another half glass at night do this every day until you finish ur soak osu fruit.

Store refrigerator not freezer pls .

Where to find it?

It can be found in West and Central Africa .


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