Does breast firming cream work? Does breast firming cream cause cancer? Side effects of breast firming cream….does vagina tightening creams work?

No cream can firm your breast or tighten your vagina walls, stop the use of these creams and Instagram herbs. Breast firming creams are scams and do not work help in treating saggy breasts..breast firming creams cam cause breast and skin cancers.

Does breast firming cream work?
Does breast firming cream work? No

Women that have given birth to three or four children aren’t looking for vagina tightening cream, na you wey never born one dey look for am.

A woman’s Vagina is elastic and can accommodate any size of penis or baby, the wall can relax after sex or child birth but it comes back to normal after few hours or days.

Also, our body differs, some women have firm breasts even after nursing many babies, one of my friends mum is like that, she nursed 6 children and her breast is still firm like that of a teenage girl, same with a woman’s Vagina, some women are naturally tight than others not because there’s something special they are using but because their body is designed that way.

You might be harming yourself unknowingly with all these substance you are dipping inside of it.

Many times when I look at the anatomy of a woman, I kind of believe that the woman’s body is one of the most beautiful thing that God created, so detailed.

I’ve asked many married women with kids to tell me how they feel about their vagina after child birth, they all told me it feels the same and some claimed they feel tighter, I went further to ask some married men and they told me the same thing.

The vagina is a self-cleaning organ.

It does not require any special cleaning product at all, not even soup, because vagina contains a vaginal flora, a beneficial or “good” bacteria that play a key role in defending the vagina against infection.

When you use soaps, sprays, or gels — and yes, even water to wash inside your vagina, you disrupt the bacterial balance.

This can result in bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection, and other irritation.

Washing your vagina can also affect your vagina’s ability to clean itself.

But one can gently clean the vulva, which is the outer portion of the genitals that surrounds the entrance to the vagina.

Stop all of these nonsense, cervical cancer is real.

Omotade Mack


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