Does antibiotics kill sperm in a woman?

It is common knowledge to see women of different educational status and class use all forms of antibiotics like ampiclox, amoxicillin, flagyl, ciprotab etc. with the belief that these antibiotics kill sperm in the female body…a whole lot of ladies take these antibiotics after unprotected sex to flush out sperm and prevent pregnancy….

Does antibiotics kill sperm in a woman?
Does antibiotics kill sperm in a woman?

But is this really true? Can antibiotics kill sperm? Are antibiotics spermicidal? Are antibiotics anti-sperm? Can antibiotics be used to flush out sperm from getting to the eggs? Can antibiotics prevent pregnancy?

The answer is capital NO… antibiotics are not anti-sperm and they have no spermicidal properties. So, swallowing antibiotics like beecham ampiclox after unprotected sex will not flush out sperm or prevent you from getting pregnant…do not waste you time and money.

Antibiotics are simply prescribed drugs used to treat bacteria infection and not viral infection. Bacteria infections like osteomyelitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, pneumonia are best treated with antibiotics.

Note that the sperm is not a bacteria or an infection….so, antibiotics cannot kill sperm….The claims of antibiotics slowing down sperm motility or lowering sperm count… antibiotics does not reduce the production of sperm ….. Antibiotics are not sperm killers or immobilizers….

Instead of depending on antibiotics as contraceptive (even now that you know that antibiotics does not prevent pregnancy), why not use proven emergency contraceptives like postinor and postpill or other methods of modern contraception which actually works.

Binging on antibiotics will never help you to avoid getting pregnant….it will always backfire….you will be contributing to the unfortunate population explosion plaguing the world today if you are an advocate of antibiotics for contraceptives.

If you are very sexually active, emergency contraceptives will not help out as you cannot take them more than once in a month. It is better for you to get a longer lasting contraceptive like implanon which will take you for 5 years or IUCD will lasts for 10 years.

Antibiotics does not prevent pregnancy.

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