How to use olive oil and okra for bigger buttocks.

Perhaps this article will disappoint you as you are not going to get fake combo for buttocks enlargement here.

Wonders of untested medicine will never cease….so guys, I read somewhere and I even watched it on YouTube that mixing #okra with #olive oil or Vaseline and rubbing it on the buttocks will make the buttocks bigger, rounder and fatter.

I watched on YouTube where a lady told her followers to soak sliced okra in olive oil or coconut oil for 3 days….thereafter, the mixture should be seived and the oil that comes out of the #okra and #olive oil mixture should be rubbed on the buttocks and breast for enlargement and enhancements….The YouTuber claimed applying #olive #oil and #okra combo in the buttocks and breasts everyday for 3 months will make your backside and breasts big, fat, round and smooth.

But is this true? Can okra and olive oil preparations make the bum bigger?

The answer is no. These claims are very false and should never be allowed in our cyber spaces. Information about body enhancement and buttocks enlargement have now saturated the internet and social media platforms…. something had to be done about it as matter of urgency. Yes, it is true that the combo of #olive oil and #okra for buttocks enlargement does not have side effects, the main issue here is that it does not work in making the bum bigger or rounder. It is a scam that have been continuously used to swindle many ladies.

How to use olive oil and okra for bigger buttocks
Olive oil and okra combination does not increase buttocks size.

Let me make it clear:

Olive oil and okra does not make the buttocks bigger

#Olive oil and #okra does not make the buttocks rounder

Olive oil and okra does not make the buttocks softer

Rubbing olive oil and okra water on the breast does not make them bigger or rounder….

Stop banking on what will not work.

If you want to have a big buttocks, go for Brazilian buttocks lift surgery….creams, oils and drugs do not make the buttocks bigger or rounder. Although some forms of buttocks exercises do help.

Now that you know the truth, let me thank you for reading this enlightening article and stop wasting your money on fake body enhancement frivolities.

You want big buttocks, go for enlargement surgery….it works.

Thank you..

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