Difference between shoko and Tete

Both efo shoko and efo tete and green leafy vegetables used to prepare Yoruba delicacies.

Efo tete and shokoyoto are your Yoruba names for the popular vegetable known as spinach…..

Both efo tete and efo shoko belong to the same family of amaranthaceae…

Efo shoko

Its English name is called Lagos Spinach and its Yoruba name is shokoyoto. Botanical name of efo shoko is Celosia argentea… Shokoyoto belongs to the family of amaranthaceae… Shokoyoto in yoruba means to make husband fat. Efo sho is good for egusi soap, ogbono, stews and other soups…it is a green leafy vegetable with numerous health benefits…it is good for the kidneys as it has a diuretic effect.

Difference between shoko and Tete
Efo Tete (L) Vs Efo Shoko (R)

Efo Tete

A popular west African vegetable but originally came from Asia. Efo tete is a perennial herbs that is very much abundant in the rainy season.

The English name of efo Tete: African Spinach while its botanical name is amaranthus hybridus…efo tete comes in three main colours: pink, deep red and green)…the coloured varieties are planted as flours for beautification while the green variety is consumed as food in Nigeria for soups.

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