Can STD cause breast discharge?

It is a commmon knowledge that many ladies suffer from galactorrhoea breast discharge and the blame it on sexually transmitted infections. Galactorrhea is the let out or discharge of milk from th breast even when the woman is not pregnant. Many women think that STD is the primary cause of breast discharge but this is not true….STD does not cause breast discharge.

“What can cause the breast to discharge milk if not breastfeeding?” many have asked:

My answer? A lot can cause that asides when a lady is breastfeeding.

1. Mastitis (Breast infection)

2. Stress- Stress is a common cause in some ladies.

3. Hormonal changes- Yes. Hormonal changes, like I talked about in previous posts. In this case, prolactin is above its normal range and this can cause the nipple to discharge milk.

Can STD cause breast discharge?
Can STD cause breast discharge?

4. Side effect(s) from certain medications you use to treat ulcer. Yes, some of those medications you use to treat ulcer pain could as well be responsible for that. Even some birth control pills.

5. Brain tumors – Tumor(s) in that part of the brain that is responsible for milk production.

SOME TIMES, milk discharge from the nipple that is not related to the normal milk production that happens as a result of breastfeeding doesn’t require any form of treatment because it goes on its own.However, if it persists for long, it is important to consult a medical personnel.


A gynaecologist dr Abosede Lewu talks about milky breast discharge and list out what causes it;

GALACTORRHEA is an abnormal milky discharge from breast of a non pregnant, non breastfeeding woman with no recent miscarriage or delivery.

It can be persistent/ on & off

It is due to a HORMONE called PROLACTIN

It can lead to irregular or absent period, can affect fertility

Can cause headaches & poor sight


Some medications,herb, marijuana, sexual activities,brain tumours, thyroid & kidney disease, etc

In some women, all is normal, they are just sensitive to Prolactin

Milky breast discharge? see your Gynae Doc immediately

Sexually transmitted diseaase STD does not cause breast discharge

Disclaimer: This post is made available for informational and educational purposes only. DO NOT SELF-DIAGNOSE. DO NOT SELF-MEDICATE. Speak to a certified health care practitioner at all times.

Dr.Abosede Lewu



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