Difference between registered nurse and bsc nurse or BSN nurse.

The basic requirement for a nurse that works in the hospital is the RN or registered nurse certificate which he or she acquires after about 2-3 years of training in a nursing school. Nurse assistants can also work in the hospital.

Academic nurses with university degrees (BSc Nursing) who teach in the nursing schools and universities exist today, but are hardly relevant to the practical day to day patients care in hospitals (though they are now infiltrating the hospitals).

The nurses as earlier mentioned help take care of patients by cleaning them up, administering drugs to them, wound dressing, taking vital signs and other such functions….nurses work hand in hand with medical doctors.

For all intent and purposes the RN qualification and where necessary those with post-basic nursing qualifications eg in Paediatrics, Orthopaedics etc are those necessary and relevant to the hospital setting and patients’ care.

Difference between registered nurse and bsc nurse (BSN nurse)
Difference between registered nurse and bsc nurse (BSN nurse)

The current clamour for BSc. and higher academic qualifications for nurses is good especially for nursing education and leadership but the impact of Bachelor of nursing is yet to be truly felt in patient care compared to registered nurses in many countries especially developing ones.

RN vs. BSN: What’s the Difference

A registered nurse (RN) is a nursing professional who provides medical care, educational and emotional support to patients and their families. Their particular responsibilities will differ depending on their specialty.

A bachelor’s degree of science in nursing (BSN) is a four-year curriculum for students who want to become registered nurses or who currently are registered nurses with an associate’s degree in nursing. Many RNs will enroll in BSN programs to advance their nursing education from an associate’s degree to a bachelor’s degree.

My experience working with both groups showed that the RN nurses are far more knowledgeable in the practical aspect of patients’ care which is what is needed in the hospital setting. The BSc. and higher qualification holders do better as educators as most of them lack the practical knowledge of nursing. I noticed this unhealthy rivalry between the RN and the BSC nurse.


The difference in salaries between a registered nurse and a bachelor of science nurse is not very significant though…The belief that BSC nurse earns more than a RN is not quite true… especially in Africa and the UK.

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