Richest biochemist in Nigeria…is biochemistry a lucrative course in Nigeria?

See, the truth is, biochemistry is not yet a very lucrative and marketable career in Nigeria….and even in many parts of the world…so the question of the richest biochemist in Nigeria is unfounded and uncalled for.

Richest biochemist in Nigeria
These beautiful ladies just graduated from Biochemistry…they are biochemists…How rich you will become depends on you….not your course of study

However, biochemist working in oil companies, hospitals, multinationals, federal agencies like NAFDAC, university lecturers, research labs, etc are well paid and have a high standard of living.

No body , company or employer will pay you money that will make you super rich know this is the truth…

If you want to be a rich biochemist in Nigeria, better start a business and invest in areas like pharmacy, medical equipments, research laboratories and medical supplies. I know many biochemists that are bloggers that are earning big….

This is the reality in all parts of the world. Depending of your salary is not the best way to get rich….invest in your life and pursue your dreams. The decision to be a low income, middle income and high income citizen depend on you….

Thank you.

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