Professional courses in Biochemistry in Nigeria…List of courses under Biochemistry

Biochemistry is a broad field of study. As a Nigerian, it is important for you to know some of the professional courses that are offered in Biochemistry as stated in the passage below:

Professional Courses offered in Biochemistry

There are a variety of courses in Biochemistry that you can opt for if you wish to make your career in this department of science. These include:

1. Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry: It is a four-year course that will provide you with a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry.

2. Master of Science in Biochemistry: After the bachelor’s degree, you can always go for a two-year master’s degree in the same.

3. PhD in Biochemistry

4. You can also go for M.D in Biochemistry. However, an M.B.B.S. degree is an essential requirement for that.

Professional courses in Biochemistry in Nigeria
Professional courses in Biochemistry in Nigeria

4.The study of Biochemistry also includes certain specialization fields.

These include:

*Molecular biology

*Energy and metabolism

*Medical Biochemistry



*Development and diseases

*Cell biology and signalling

*Plant biology


*Environmental Science

*Hospital and clinical services



*Immunology and Immunochemistry

* Laboratory science but not diagnostic.

Admission in Universities and polytechnics for an undergraduate programme in biochemistry is usually entrance based, which is conducted by the university itself. and the unified tertiary matriculation examination (UTME) board

For a master’s degree, the selection is entrance as well as merit-based. PhD in biochemistry yields a good salary in Nigeria but most times persons with PhD in biochemistry end up as lecturers and researchers.

However, it is possible only if the biochemist is experienced and has a good skill set. Selection for PhD courses is through the qualification of entrance tests and personal interviews.

Biochemistry is still an emerging field in Nigeria…The career of biochemistry in Nigeria has a good prospects as Nigeria still has many undeveloped and underdeveloped field of knowledge… biochemistry is still largely underdeveloped and it needs adventurous and daring persons to break that bias.

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