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A Twitter Influencer @MimieLaushi raised an alarm about the rising cases of kidney diseases in Nigeria and tweeted to ask the reasons why kidney failure has skyroketed in Nigeria….This is so true asthe Nephrologist Association of Nigeria as at 2018 said 25 million Nigerians has one form of kidney disease or the other.

Maryam Laushi Tweeted:

‘This rising kidney disease prevalence in Nigeria… there’s something affecting Nigerians and causing it either in our water or food or medicines or whatever. I don’t know the root cause but the country needs help! It’s affecting too many people!! Especially young people.’


What are the causes the rising cases of kidney diseases and kidney failure in Nigeria?

The risk factors are not far-fetched as NIGERIANs on Twitter spoke on the possible causes of renal failure and renal diseases:

Leo Pantra

Nigerians reading this ” kidney disease is terrible ”

Nigerian enters bus

Salesperson: “This drug is native, It was used by our forefathers to all kinds of diseases. Don’t depend on all these white people, they are selling poison to us”

Nigerian: ” I will buy 2 packets”

April Tols

You forgot to add opa eyin, all the sachet liquor, monkey tail. Alabuku with energy drink. These herbal products cause kidney failure

Nigerian Health Blog

Agbo and other herbal medicines are the biggest culprit for the rising prevalence of kidney disease and kidney failure. Diclofenac abuse, Hypertension and diabetes also also a cause. I hope it doesn’t get worse.

John Christian Alex

Nigerians drink very little water. In the northern part of Nigeria, the level of perspiration is high but just drinking enough water to replace the lost water is difficult for Nigerians. Secondly, we consume too much local concoction. These practices damage the kidneys.

Idris Abdul

Currently serving in Gashua, and I don’t think there’s a town being ravaged by renal disease than it.

In fact, majority of the patients undergoing dialysis at damaturu are from Gashua. And you see children coming down with the condition.

For Greater Naija

We hear stories of food vendors using paracetamol to boil meat,also melting. pure water nylon to oil for frying chips to make them crispy, with such tales Nigerians are at serious risk of all sort of kidneys diseases.

Ife Uto

The moment you said Maggi, you caught my attention. Sodium glutamate is the main constitutuent of many Maggi cubes in nigeria, has been implicated in renal diseases when in high proportion. Many countries in Europe, America, GCC have banned it. Recently, i found out that same brand.

OneHealth Nigeria

According to studies, 17 million Nigerians have chronic kidney disease, which is majorly caused by diabetes and hypertension.


See the comments and I’m a little certain that something must really be wrong in these far northern regions, my brother served in Jigawa, in a remote village, during his service he had urinary problems that later resulted to renal carcinoma. He’s late now.
He doesn’t drink alcohol or smoke either. A whole lot is happening honestly. I would’ve said take care but what if some of these people can’t afford good water?

Sani Ahmad

8 in every 10 deaths in my home town of Gahsua in Yobe State is caused by kidney disease. It’s in every family and isn’t relenting.

Shaken but Stirred

Environmental pollutants is also a factor outside diabetes.
Considering the ungoing fight( which is over 10years now) against Bokoharam in that axis, Borno might be starting to feel health challenges from toxic fallout (released chemical pollutants) from bombs used in the war.

Fit Medic

But, haven’t doctors been here shouting about herbal concotions, self prescriptions, bleaching creams, hypertension and diabetes as cause of kidney failure since forever?


Causes of kidney disease in Nigeria;

1. Excessive consumption of monosodium glutamate (seasoning) in food
2. Indiscriminate consumption of herbs (agbo Jedi)
3. High consumption of drugs (Colorado, loud etc), illicit substances, energy drinks & binge drinkers esp from high content alcohol
These are the major factors.

Causes of kidney disease in Nigeria
The causes of kidney disease in Nigeria are numerous


Self medications
Herbal concoction taken inappropriately

And I think it takes the average Nigerian a full day to drink a full liter of Eva bottle water. We are not well hydrated


Tradomedicals also seem to be one of the big problems. From locally made ones (agbo), kayamata aphrodisiacs, to the imported ones packaged in multilevel marketing and ponzis schemes, mix of psychoactive meds, as well as fake drugs all contribute to kidney damage in the country.


My Mummy’s kidney failure was caused by diabetes. The worse part about kidney disease is that it’s mostly terminal. Meat and dairy are leading causes of diabetes, plant based diet has helped a lot of people overcome diabetes.

Mr Anthony

Uncontrolled high blood pressure affects the kidneys by causing premature atherosclerosis to the blood vessels within the kidneys, decreasing their supply of oxygen & nutrients. Consequently, they become less efficient & toxins build up in the blood, leading to a condition called Uremia. If left unchecked, this can progress to Kidney failure.

Ways to clear the blood of toxins : Drinking enough water, lemon juice helps to flush he blood of harmful toxins, vegetables such as Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale, leafy vegetables… tumeric, black cumin seeds, basil…

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