Why your hair is not growing fast or at all?

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This is why your hair is not growing and it’s at the same length from year to year…

So you bought up to 3 different hair growth oil last year but it didn’t work.

You even tried onion juice, yet nothing

You don’t have time for DIY but because you want your hair to grow, you’ve been trying clove water for a month now because you heard this is the working one on board.

Why your hair is not growing fast or at all
Why your hair is not growing fast or at all? Read

Still you’re not even sure it’s working because your hair still looks the same…

Time wasted, Hair growth you did not see!

What if I told you that your hair did not stop growing…

In fact, your hair is growing all this while that you’ve been jumping from one product and one remedy to another…

What if I told you, that’s not even the products that it’s the issue but you and what you’ve been doing to your hair…

You see when it comes hair growth and growing long hair, there are 2 sides and many at times, you’re focusing on just one part and neglecting the other part which is the more important thing.

Yes, your products is 1, but more than your products, your hair care practices matter more

– The way you care for your hair

– The kind of hairstyles you make, how long you carry it and even how you loosen it.

– What you do on a daily basis, weekly and monthly to your hair

– How you relax it if your hair is relaxed, how often you relax and so on

– Down to something as simple as how you comb your hair and the kind of combs you use.

Your hair is really growing but what is stopping you from seeing progress is that your hair is cutting seriously, maybe even more than its growing in the first place.

Hair breakage is not normal and once you can control it, you’ll see that your hair is growing well.

There are different things that can cause hair breakage but dryness is the chief cause especially if your hair is natural.

Natural hair hates anything dryness and will break anyhow once it’s dry.

==> Moisturize your hair : No, it’s not Coconut oil and Ori. Those are not moisturizers and if you use it on dry hair, it’ll just make your shiny and DRYER leading to more breakage.

• Buy rose water and use as a hair spray daily.

• Use a good leave in conditioner every 2 days.

• Deep condition every time you wash your hair.

==> Never comb your hair when it’s dry and please use a big comb or a detangling comb. Your small comb is only for parting your hair or better still throw it away.

==> Don’t comb your hair when it’s soaking wet, you know yourself, you apply conditioner on your hair, then you start combing. O wrong ooo

Your hair is weak when it’s very wet and doesn’t need any serious manipulation.

==> Finally don’t loosen your hair and just enter bathroom to wash it. First of all, work through your hair and detangle it.

You know that place that use to gather dirt and be like a knot when you loosen to your hair, gently separate it, remove every shed hair, comb through your hair, then you can now wash it.

If you start doing all of these, you should see progress in 2 months.

Blessing Alamata

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