What is the difference between loud, SK and Arizona? (Check it out here👇)

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I hear quite a number of ‘happening guys’ talk about substances like loud, arizona, colorado, and sk…..inasmuch as i dont what to use this article to promote drug use, i want to talk about the differences between these substances of abuse…..

Difference between loud and sk
.Skunk summarized here.

People can’t still tell the difference between smoke , sk , Arizona , merley Kush, loud and Colorado but the truth is we have just 2 sativa smoke and indica sk but the rest are just chemical induced.

I asked a ‘street guy’ to enlighten me on the different meaning of loud, Arizona and Skunk…here is what he had to say:

‘Loud is processed marijuana while SK (skunk) is what some people refer to as the elder brother of indian help. These drugs have become choice drugs among Nigerian youths. The rate of consumption is further fueled by lack of productivity among these exuberant populace. These guys have yahoo money to buy these drugs and drug variants are very expensive. As expensive as #2500 to 10k naira for a stick of colorado (Loud) to satchet that that can only roll at least 3 size of cigarettes. I am not an abuser but know someone who is 100 per cent into it in my area. The guy has become a don..how he gets those drugs to sell is a mystery.’

Loud na Igbo wen go Havard while SK na Igbo wen go Oxford. But oga kpata of them na arizona.

Both are marijuana laced with cocaine. So when you hear them say, “Men, this LOUD feels good” that’s the coke kicking in. These kids are hooked on drugs but don’t know it. They beg, crawl and do anything just for a hit.


Loud is cannabis mixed with other substances

Loud, Sk and arizona are 3 different types/strains of marijuana. Loud is more potent and more expensive than Sk though.

Loud, arizona, skunk, and Nigerian colorado are slangs or street language used to describe weed.

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