Benefits of drinking clove and cinnamon water. A combo of clove and cinnamon water benefits.

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Cloves and cinnamon are medicinal spices that can serve a variety of purposes. Cloves are dried flowers from the clove tree and can be used in seasoning meals, added to hot beverages, cakes and cookies to enhance its flavor. Cinnamon on the other hand, is made from the inner bark of the cinnamon tree, curled into rolls as a result of drying. It can be used in making meals, cereals, baked goods and snacks. However, both cloves and cinnamon are mostly used in traditional medicine to improve health due to their medicinal properties. They can be used whole or grounded into powdery form.

Now that we know their uses, let’s get to know how the clove tea and cinnamon water is prepared.

How is the Clove Tea Prepared?

To begin preparation, you need:

👉1-4 cloves

👉1 cup of water

Procedures to make the clove tea:

👉In a pot, add a cup of water, and add your cloves. (Cloves can be grounded into powder and a table spoon added or put in whole).

👉Leave to boil for about three to four minutes.

👉Strain afterwards through a sieve to get your tea.

👉If you wish, you could add honey.

How is the Cinnamon Water Prepared?

To begin preparation, you need:

👉1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder

👉1 cup of water

Procedures to make the cinnamon water:

👉Add the cinnamon powder to a cup of water in a pot
👉Bring the mixture to a boil, and turn off the heat
👉Allow to cool, and pass through a sieve; and viola, your cinnamon water is ready.
👉You can add ginger, honey and lemon juice as you so desire.

There are a lot of benefits that come with drinking clove tea and cinnamon water, especially on y our health. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Benefits of drinking clove and cinnamon water
A mixture of cloves an cinnamon water works wonders

Benefits of Drinking Clove Tea

Here is what intake of clove tea does to you:

👉Improves eye health and vision: Cloves contain Vitamin A due to the presence of beta-carotene which gives them that brown rich colour. Vitamin A is an important nutrient required in the body to keep the eyes healthy. This is one of the benefits you can derive from drinking clove tea.

👉Lowers the risk of Inflammation: Cloves contain anti-inflammatory properties due to the presence of compounds such as eugenol, that help reduce the inflammatory response in the body: thereby lowering the risk of diseases such as arthritis and helping to manage its symptoms.

👉Reduces the risks of Heart disease, Diabetes and Cancer: Antioxidants help fight off free radicals that can damage cells and cause diseases. Eugenol is a potent antioxidant in cloves that help reduce the risks of heart diseases, cancers and diabetes developing in the body.

👉Protects the stomach from ulcer: Ulcers can arise as a result of thinning of the mucus layers in the stomach. This mucus layers help protect the stomach from ulcers. Cloves can help give a healing effect on existing ulcers, as well as reduce your risk of developing ulcers.

👉Improve the functioning of the liver: Diseases such as liver cirrhosis, fatty liver disease can be reduced through intake of clove. In general, it improves the functioning of the liver.

👉Regulate Blood Sugar: In combination with a balanced diet, drinking cloves can help regulate the sugar level in the blood, by increasing the secretion of insulin in the body.

👉Promote Bone and Oral Health: Manganese, a mineral in cloves have been shown to help boost bone in the body. Also, cloves have the capacity of promoting oral health by inhibiting the growth of bacteria in gums and mouth. However, this should be done in combination with proper oral hygiene like regular brushing etc.

👉Help fight off cold, common infections and cough: Asides antioxidant properties, cloves have antimicrobial, and antiseptic properties that fight off infections, cold and cough. Presence of vitamins like Vitamin E and K help do the trick.

👉Helps in weight loss: Drinking clove tea helps boost metabolic processes and aid digestion in your body, thereby maintaining your weight.

👉Prevents skin problems: Clove tea helps fight off toxins from your body that could cause skin problems. It also helps with wound healing.

Bonus: Clove tea can be substituted for hand sanitizer as it possesses anti-microbial properties.


Benefits of Drinking Cinnamon Water

Here is what drinking cinnamon water does to you:

👉Helps Reduce Weight: It is said that “a cup of cinnamon water a day keeps the weight gain away”. Drinking cinnamon water can keep you satisfied for a long time, and keep off hunger sensation. It also helps regulate blood sugar which helps keep the weight in check.

👉Helps reduce the effects of PCOS: Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a hormonal syndrome predominant in females that causes enlargement of the ovaries with presence of small cysts at the surface. Drinking cinnamon water helps reduce the effects of PCOS. It has been proven that cinnamon water helps reduce insulin resistance in women with PCOS. More so, drinking cinnamon water helps regulate the monthly cycle, particularly if you have irregular or heavy periods.

👉Boosts the immune system: Cinnamon contains antimicrobial properties that helps lower the risks of health problems such as respiratory disorders, heart diseases etc. Also, compounds like polyphenols and proanthocyanidins and antioxidants in cinnamon help boost the immune system.

👉Helps deal with Menstrual Cramps: A cup of warm cinnamon water daily has been shown to help in relieving menstrual cramps, or reducing the pain to lasting for a shorter duration.

👉Help reduce inflammation: It is usually recommended to those with arthritis to drink cinnamon water to ease pain. Also, it helps in free flow of blood circulation in the body which prevents the development of health conditions like arthritis.

👉Help reduce the effects of Parkinson’s disease: Drinking cinnamon water is also known to slow down the progression rate of parkinson’s disease.

👉Helps in the Management of Diabetes: Drinking cinnamon water helps the muscle cells convert sugar into energy; thereby, stabilizing the level of sugar in the blood.

👉Regulates Cholesterol level in the Body: The levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol in the body is lowered due to the powerful action of drinking cinnamon water.

👉Aids Digestion: It is recommended to people with slow digestive system, stomach problems and those who suffer from bloating to include cinnamon water as part of their dietary intake, as it helps cope with a slow digestive system and reduces the formation of gas.

👉Prevents common infections, cold and cough: Amongst the many benefits of cinnamon water is this. Vitamins and minerals in cinnamon help keep off common infections like fever, cough and cold, as well as relieve existing and persisting health conditions. Regular drinking of cinnamon water as part of your dietary intake will help you face fewer fits of fever, cold, cough.

👉The combination of clove and cinnamon water boost both male and female fertility. For women, drinking a mixture of clove and cinnamon water boosts ovulation, and restores ceased menstruation… while for men, clov and Cinnamon combo boost sperm count and promotes erection.


Although rich sources of nutrients, cloves and cinnamon water should be taken in small amounts, as they do not provide significant amounts of nutrients. They are most effective when included as part of a balanced diet.

Now that you know the benefits that come from drinking clove tea and cinnamon water, it will be great you include it as part of your everyday diet. Also, you do not need to have a health condition/issue before you drink clove and cinnamon tea, prevention they say is better than cure.

The combo of clove and cinnamon water works wonders and drinking it confers you with numerous health benefits.

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