Does hand sanitizer kill scabies?

The purpose of this article is to tell you whether hand sanitizer can be used to kill or cure scabies..

Before then, let us talk a little more about scabies and how it is contracted.

Scabies is the most challenging skin disease I have had the misfortune of managing.


Because to eradicate the bugs, your patient must be discipline hence the name “Cam no go”.

Imagine receiving same family members for the same thing repeatedly. Annoying!

Scabies is a skin infestation by mites called Sarcoptes scabiei. These tiny lil organisms dig through your skin creating burrows especially between web of fingers, wrist, elbow etc. Yes it itches, It can make you scratch for Africa. Absolutely no respect for personality!


Close contact with dresses, towels, underwears( ladies who enjoy borrowing for a date, that’s how you get served with open mouth and cold sweat), blanket, bedspread used by someone infested with it or direct close contact with him/her.

It is considered a sexually transmitted disease cuz of the close contact involved in the act. So your doctor has a point if he/she decides to screen for other STIs.
Don’t think he is just interested in your money. Is the right thing to do.


-See your physician
-Ensure you wash, sun and iron fomites(clothes, towel, bedspread etc) prior to your treatment to prevent reinfection
-Close contacts (child, husband..) should see the doctor cuz symptoms may only manifest 1month after contact.

Now to answer the question..

Does hand sanitizer kill scabies?

The answe is no. Hand sanitizer is not a scabicide and cannot the used to get rid of scabies in the human body. If you want to get rid scabies, use recommended and potent anti-scabies drugs like permethrin , benzyl benzoate, and ivermectin ….That hand sanitizer contains alcohol does not make it a choice of drug for treating scabies. Alcohol is does not kill scabies! Even the World Health Organisation in its journal published in its official website, clearly stated it that alcohol based sanitizer, or any sanitizer at all cannot kill or cure scabies! Dont use hand sanitizer for scabies.

Does hand sanitizer kill scabies?
Can hand sanitizer kill scabies? NO

Sangwe, MD, MPH

Dr Udomoh


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