How much does a DNA test cost at the hospital in Zambia?

Paternity fraud is now on the rise in Zambia, no wonder spot of Zambians are now interested in knowing the cost of DNA test in Zambia , especially bin Lusaka.

How much does dna test cost in many Zambian labs and hospitals these days?

Before I tell you, read this passage written by a A journalist in Zambia.

A Zambian journalist wrote:

A 35-year old young man reached out to me via Facebook with a request to talk to me about his marriage troubles because he’s really broken mentally.

How much does a DNA test cost at the hospital in Zambia?
With this resemblance, is there still need for paternity Test?

I wondered why he chose to reach out to me in particular though. He came to my office with a document, and after we talked, he showed me the document.

It was a DNA test result for their baby. He’s not the father of the child.

He found out that his wife has been having an affair with her Ex even before they married, and in the marriage as well.

He’s given me permission to share the full story here. It is scary how paternity disputes have become so rampant in Africa.

And for 3-years, this is the first time he’s spoken about his struggles that nearly made him commit suicide at some point.


A paternity test may be required for any of the following reasons

👉Visa and immigration application
👉Legal instructions in a will
👉Child support
👉Establishing paternity in surrogacy and IVF pregnancies

How much does a DNA test cost at the hospital in Zambia?

It depends on where you want to do the dna test….It is cheaper in Government owned hospitals and lab compared to private owned hospitals. Results comes out faster for private dna test centres Zambia though. The cost of DNA test in Zambia is around KW 5,000 – KW 11,000. Some hospitals and labs in Lusaka howeveray charge as high as KW 13,000 for dna paternity test. Please note that dna paternity test ordered by the court must be done in govt owned or govt approved lab….

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