Can tetracycline abort early pregnancy? Can tetracycline prevent pregnancy?

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A woman that is 10 weeks pregnant want to find out if she can take tetracycline antibiotics for her vagina infection.

Her message;

Good morning Sir, I am Ronke and I am writing from Lagos, Nigeria. I am 10 weeks pregnant. I recently noticed I have copious vagina infection so I went to the chemist who prescribed tetracycline for me. However I was told by a friend that tetracycline should not be taken in early first trimester pregnancy because it can cause miscarriage and birth defects. Please I want to know if this is true. How much dosage of tetracycline can cause abortion?

Can tetracycline abort early pregnancy?
Tetracycline is bad for pregnant women

My reply:

I have gotten a similar message from a lady who wanted to use tetracycline to terminate pregnancy. She wanted to know the recommended dosage of tetracycline that can be used for abortion…..I referred her to see a doctor instead of trying to attempt unsafe abortion with tetracycline at home.

That said, tetracycline should not be taken by women in the first trimester or in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy because it can harm the baby and cause miscarriage. Tetracycline is not safe in pregnancy and should be avoided by all means. Tetracycline will not only cause congenital malformation like discoloration of the teeth and poor bone formation, it can also kill a baby in the womb.

Some experts think that tetracycline is safe in the third trimester of pregnancy as it can only abort early pregnancy but in my opinion, avoid tetracycline in all trimesters of pregnancy…..why stress yourself? There are safer and more effective antibiotics out there that pregnant women can take without any harm to themselves and their unborn baby.

To answer your question in summary, tetracycline can actually cause miscarriage or abort early pregnancy. Don’t take it during pregnancy please.

Tetracycline can harm the fetus. It affects the bone and teeth development of the baby. It can also cause the teeth of your child to be permanently stained.

Also read this to see another drugs you should not take in pregnancy….


Few drugs you should avoid if you are pregnant or plan on getting pregnant while taking it.

📌 Chloramphenicol
This can cause gray baby syndrome and serious blood disorder.

📌Ciprofloxacin(cipro) and Levofloxacin
Cipro and levofloxacin are both fluoroquinolone antibiotics. fluoroquinolone may also increase the chances of having a miscarriage. It can also cause problem to the baby’s muscle, skeletal growth as well as joint pains for the mother.

📌 Ibuprofen
Taking high doses of this drug can have dangerous consequences on pregnant mothers like; miscarriage, delayed onset of labour,jaundice,bleeding for both mother and baby.

📌 Warfarin
This particular drug can cause birth defects and should only be used when benefits outweighs risks.

📌 Lorazepam
This particular drug is used for treating anxiety or other mental disorder. It can lead to withdrawal symptoms and birth defects on the baby.

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