Is Viju milk good for a pregnant woman?

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A pregnant woman want to know if Viki milk is healthy in pregnancy.

Her message:

Good morning Sir, I am 14 weeks pregnant for my first baby. I am seriously craving Viju milk. Please I want to know if Viju milk is good and safe for pregnant women. Thank you.

My reply:

Thank you for reaching out. Viju milk is a healthy nutritious milk that pregnant women can take. Viju milk is rich in vitamins and minerals needed for the healthy development of the pregnancy and your unborn baby. For example, Viju milk is rich in calcium which is rich in calcium which is essential for the development of bones and teeth by your unborn baby…. Also, Viju milk is a potent source of probiotic which promotes gut health and prevent diarrhoea in pregnant women. Moreover, it is true that vaginal yeast infection is common in pregnancy, probiotics in Viju milk help to prevent vaginal candidiasis in pregnancy.. With Viju milk, be assured of measured OR moderate weight gain in pregnancy.

Is Viju milk good for a pregnant woman?
Viju milk in pregnancy is healthy

So, pregnant lady, drink some Viju milk to get these health benefits. Take with moderation though as excess of it can cause diarrhoea and flatulence (farting).

Viju milk does not cause miscarriage or pregnancy loss…. It does not cause congenital birth deformities.

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