Benefits of uda and uziza after delivery.

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Benefits of uda and uziza after delivery.

1. Promote the removal of stale blood from the womb after birth

Eating or drinking the combo of uda and utiza after birth helps to contract the womb to expel stale blood and remnant of retained product of conception from the uterus. It cleans the womb.

2. Encourages the delivery of placenta

Placenta is the organ that nourishes the baby while still in the womb and it must come out after the delivery of the baby. Some women find it difficult to deliver the placenta after child birth and this can lead to bleeding and maternal death. Eating uda and Uzi helps to stimulate the strong contraction of the uterus to let out the placenta fully or wholly.This is possible because both uda (negro pepper) and uziza has abortifacient property, that is, they contract the womb to expel its content. Please be informed that a woman that is having troubles deliverying the placenta should be taken to the hospital, don’t bank on uda and uziza. It will not control the bleeding.

Benefits of uda and uziza after delivery
A woman who just delivered will benefit from uda and uziza.

3. Stimulate breast milk production and let out

This best time to take uda and uziza water by a woman is after birth. This is because it uda and uziza helps the breast glands to produce more breast milk and allows milk let out. The baby will benefit from this.

4. Contraceptives

Though not medically recommended. It is in record that uda is a natural or traditional contraceptive that has been used for family planning by our grandmothers. Even till this day, some women still believe in the potency of uda as contraceptive. A woman that take uda and uziza after delivery will most likely not get pregnant so soon when compared to women that don’t. However, uda (negro pepper) is not a reliable method of contraception, talk to your doctor to determine which modern method of family is safest and affordable for you.

5. Uda and uziza burns belly fat

That big tummy you developed from pregnancy or child birth( especially after C-section) can be flattened by eating uziza and uda for three months after child birth. Uda and uziza will help burn protruded belly flat and calories. This will make you develop a flat belly and lose some weight.


The benefits of eating uda and uziza after delivery are quite numerous. The combo promotes reduction in belly fat, promotes weight loss, encourages milk production,cleans the womb or stale product of conception, natural family planning, and delivers the placenta. The list is endless.

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