10 amazing health benefits of eating papaya seeds…

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Ok. I don’t want to bore you with the nitty gritty of papaya because I know you are familiar with pawpaw fruit….I however want to tell you some secret health benefits of papaya seeds….I guess after reading this article, you will stop discarding papaya seeds and start adding it to your menu.

10 amazing health benefits of eating papaya seeds

Not only the flesh, but the seeds of the papaya fruit contain many health benefits.

1. Liver Detoxifier

Eating papaya seeds helps to cleanse, purify and detox the liver of accumulated wastes and toxins. The liver is involved in metabolizing many toxins, including drugs and medications, chemicals, and natural substances. Sometimes, these toxins may accumulate in the liver and cause damage. Eating lots of papaya seeds helps detoxifies and heals the liver and protect it from injury.

2. Contains anti-bacterial properties against E-coli, Salmonella, Staph infections.

Of course papaya seeds has antibacterial and antiseptic property. Eating loads of pawpaw seeds daily helps to keep bacteria infections at bay. Why not try eating papaya seeds today and see your recurrent bacteria infection become a thing of the past.

3. Promotes Kidney Health

Kidneys are the organs that filter waste products from the blood. They are also involved in regulating blood pressure, electrolyte balance, and red blood cell production in the body. Eating papaya seeds promotes kidney health and even helps to enhance the removal of toxic waste by the kidneys.

10 amazing health benefits of eating papaya seeds
Papaya seeds has numerous health benefits and medicinal properties.

4. Eliminates Intestinal parasites

It is true that papaya seeds are local anthelminthic medications….this means the seeds of pawpaw when eaten will help to remove intestinal worms….Papaya seeds is also given to chicken or rabbits to deworm them. Eat loads of papaya seeds every month to help you kill those intestinal parasites and worms.

5. Promotes Gut Health

Papaya seeds when eaten helps to promote the growth of the gut bacteria microflora…The growth of good bacteria in the intestines helps to prevent frequent diarrhoea and constipation. As a man or woman , eat papaya seeds or even make them into powder and add it to your pap or food. It promotes gastrointestinal health.

6. Eases menstrual pain and muscle cramp

Are you aware that pawpaw seeds are good smooth muscle and skeletal muscle relaxant. With this property, papaya seeds has been shown to help relieve menstrual pains and muscle cramps. Papaya seeds also promote the free flow of stale menstrual blood out of your system.

7. Aids with Digestion

I have already talked about the benefits of papaya seeds to the gut above. Individuals who consume papaya seeds have been reported to have less problems with constipation, stomach ulcer, indigestion , dyspesia and diarrhoea. This is because of the high fibre content of papaya seeds.

8. Healthy Heart

Papaya seeds promotes the functions of the heart and prevent many forms of heart diseases. The seeds when eaten is rich in calcium , magnesium and potassium. This minerals are very essential the optimal functioning of the heart especially in the areas of pumping adequate amount of blood throughout the body.

9. Protects against Colon cancer

Papaya seeds are anticancer and because of its rich fibre content , it helps to promote bowel movement and increases the transit time of faeces via the colon. With this, toxic waste spend less time in the colon and this is good for colon cleanse and colon cancer prevention.

10. Good for the eyes

Papaya seeds is very rich in vitamin A…Vitamin A is reputed to promote vision and good eye sight.

11. Papaya seeds is used to treat typhoid fever

Locally , papaya seeds and leaves have been used to treat typhoid fever since time immemorial. Up till till now in rural communities, pawpaw seeds and leaves are still added to herbal preparation against typhoid.

13. Papaya seeds treat dengue fever

Ongoing research and anecdoctal findings have suggested the ability of papaya seeds to cure dengue fever.

Summary of the amazing health benefits if papaya seeds:

List of Ailments Treated By Papaya Seed.

1) It cures Typhoid Fever and dengue fever
2) It Cures Liver Disease
3) papaya seeds Cures Stomach Ulcer
4) Protect the Digestive System and Improve Intestinal Health.
5) It helps Your Digestive System
6) It Will Help in Your Body Detox.
7) It Rejuvenates your skin. Papaya Seed Regenerate Dead Skin Cells Hence Maintain The Beauty of The Skin.
8) Make Your Bones Stronger. Rich in Calcium
9) Prevent Early Aging.
10) Cure Eye Disorder
11) Increase Appetite for Food
12) Fertility. Papaya Seed Increase Sperm Production for a Man and Help Fertility and ovulation in Women.
13) Prevent Kidney Disease.
14) Minimize Menstrual Pain for Women
15) Minimize The Risk of Cancer.
16) Rid Your Body-off Parasites and Worms.
17. Relieves constipation

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