How much aloe vera gel to drink daily for weight loss, GERD, gastritis , diabetes, constipation, hair growth etc

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You want to know the dosage of aloe vera juice or aloe vera gel to take as cure for your various ailments?

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The most common question people ask about Aloe Vera gels is: “ How much should I take per day and what’s best way to take it”? I found answers from Forever aloe expert Dr David Urch in his lecture “All about Aloe”.

The short answer is: “An average size person should take between 60-120 ml per day”. Less than 60 ml a day might not be enough to achieve health benefits and more than 120 ml for an average size person is not really necessary unless you are doing a cleanse program.

Best way to take it is chilled, so, always keep your gel in the fridge. And it is quite beneficial to divide the doze between 2 takes ( first thing in a morning on an empty stomach and second in the evening). That way the body is exposed to aloe for a longer period of time, we “top up” the effect by taking it twice a day.

how much aloe vera gel to drink daily in ml?
how much aloe vera gel to drink daily in ml?

For animals and children the quantity is usually based on weight. 1 ml per pound of weight or roughly 2 ml per kilo.

It very important to note that some people have health conditions and sensitivities where new substances must be introduced with caution although aloe is vegan friendly and gluten free. In these cases gel should be introduced by slowly building up the dose to let the body adjust to it starting from 10 ml per day and building it up.

So, use common sense, evaluate your budget and if in doubt- talk to me, especially if you have underlying health conditions. If I don’t know the answer I will surely find out.

P.S. Shelf life of closed pack of aloe gel is 2 years. Opened cartons will happily live in the fridge for up to 30 days.

Drinkimg Aloe Vera juice and preparations is vera beneficial for the treatment of diabetes(lowers sugar), hypertension , stomach ulcer, gastro-esophageal reflux disease, weight loss, reduction of belly fat, constipation, hair growth, gastritis and healthy skin. The aim of this article is to educate you on how much aloe vera you should drink to achieve the aforementioned benefits.

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