Can monster energy drinks cause erectile dysfunction?

A reader want to know if monster energy drink can cause weak erection and erectile dysfunction.

His message:

Good evening I don’t want to bore you with too many words. I noticed I have developed weak erection and erectile dysfunction recently. This is not unrelated to the monster energy drink I have been taking every day for the past two weeks to stay alert and awake. I am presently doing a project that requires me to stay awake and alert so I started taking monster energy drink morning and evening. I however, noticed that my libido has dropped and the usual early morning erection that all virile men experience has stopped for me. To make matters worse, my last attempt at meeting my girl was a total flop….I could not even start or initiate the process.

Doctor, I just want to confirm something, can monster energy drink cause erectile dysfunction or this my weak erection is unrelated to my drinking energy drink?

Please reply…

Nathaniel from Capetown.

Can monster energy drinks cause erectile dysfunction?
Can monster energy drinks cause erectile dysfunction?

My reply:

Hello Mr Nathaniel….sorry about these issues you highlighted. Erectile dysfunction is something that will disturb any man. To you question, yes it is has been revealed that energy drinks, monster energy drink inclusive can cause weak erection and erectile dysfunction. Energy drink is bad for testosterone because it lowers it. So the probable reason you are having erectile problems from monster energy drink is because of the negative effect of energy drinks on testosterone. Testosterone is the male sexual hormone responsible for erection and libido…Don’t forget also that monster energy drink contains high amount of caffeine. High concentration of caffeine in the blood can make you develop weak erection and suffer erectile dysfunction.

That said, Nath, it is important for you to know that your erectile problems may be unrelated to the monster energy drink you have been consuming. It may be caused by something else.

Here are the causes of erectile dysfunction you should know. These causes could be physical, prescription drugs induced, psychological and so on.

Some of the most common physical causes of ED include:

👉heart disease and narrowing of blood vessels
👉high blood pressure
👉high cholesterol
👉obesity and metabolic syndrome
👉Parkinson’s disease
👉multiple sclerosis
👉hormonal disorders, including thyroid conditions and testosterone deficiency
👉structural or anatomical disorders of the penis, such as Peyronie disease
👉smoking, alcohol use disorder, and substance abuse, including cocaine use
👉treatments for prostate disease
👉surgical complications
👉injuries in the pelvic area or spinal cord
👉radiation therapy to the pelvic region

Some meducations especially those for hypertension and diabetes and antidepressants causes erectile dysfunction.

Psychological causes of ED can include:

fear of intimacy
general anxiety

Concerning your ED problems, I think you need to see a doctor for medical consultations. It will help.

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