Does energy drink make you last longer in bed? Can energy drinks cure erectile dysfunction?

A 30 year old man battling erectile dysfunction , weak erection and premature ejaculation want to know if energy drinks can make him last longer in bed.

His message;

Good day doctor and thank you for all you do. Doctor , I am worried, I am now a 1 minute man to be sincere. Whenever i try to meet my wife, I don’t last longer than 1 minute. I am having serious problems with erectile dysfunction, my erection is poor and this is affecting my sexual life and performance. My wife has started complaining. I have tried every thing to stop this “shame”….I have used all kinds of herbs , medications and even drinks to cure my erectile dysfunction issues but it has persisted. Just recently , a good friend of mine advised me to drink energy drinks like redbull, monster, fearless, bullet, 5-hour, sting, passion or any other before any sexual action and it will help me last longer in bed. He said when he had this my kind of problem,he took red bull and he was shocked he lasted about 3 hours….he said I should try it for energy drinks are like viagra for some men. I am however, scared that energy drinks may worsen my case of erectile dysfunction.

Doctor, what do I do? Should I try it? Does energy drink make you last longer in bed? Will energy drinks cause erectile dysfunction

Jackson from South Africa.

Does energy drink make you last longer in bed?
Does energy drink make you last longer in bed?

My reply:

Sorry about your predicament Jackson and thank you for reaching out to nimedhealth. I understand your situation and the sexual frustrations you are facing right now. I read a post on Facebook recently were someone claimed redbull makes him hard and increase his sexual stamina making him to perform and last longer in bed… Funny enough, he had a lot of corroborators who claimed energy drinks treated their erectile dysfunction problems. The truth is , these claims of the sexual benefits of energy drinks to man are not scientifically backed or proven. In fact there are scientific reports from anecdoctal studies that energy drinks actually lowers blood testosterone levels leading to weak erection and low libido.

Shocked right? It is true, energy drinks keeps you alert and awake for sure but does not help you sexually. A whole lot of persons who have tried to use energy drinks to boost their sexual stamina always come back disappointed and dejected, it doesn’t work.

Do energy drinks affect male fertility? Yes…multiple studies conducted have shown that men who take loads of energy drinks where found to have low testosterone and some degree of erectile dysfunction. Energy drinks will not give you the sexual stamina you believe you will derive from it, rather it will weaken you sexually as a man.

Does Red Bull increase testosterone? No…rather red bull will decrease blood testosterone if abused…..a research on wistar rats revealed this.


Now Jackson, I hope my reply is clear enough. I think in all these your troubles, you didnt mention anywhere in your message where you consulted a certified medical doctor physically to interview you, examine you and evaluate you. Many things can cause male erectile dysfunction, a medical doctor will help you identify the cause of your erectile problems. See one please.

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