5 Simple Indian home remedies for viral fever…

Simple Home Remedies For Viral Fever🌿🥫🍲

With a change in temperature, rainy days bring a whole set of medical complications of their own. One such common seasonal disease is a viral infection. While most of us reach out to antibiotics or anti-viral medications when the viral fever grabs us, various home remedies help deal with numerous viral symptoms. Let’s have a look at some of these remedies to help treat your viral fever effectively.

5 Simple Indian home remedies for viral fever

1) Honey and Lime Juice

A perfect blend of honey and lime is useful in alleviating viral symptoms such as cold and flu. While honey is an instant energy provider, lime juice helps cut toxicity.

To make this juice, mix two teaspoons of honey and lemon. Add a teaspoon of ginger juice to the lemon-honey mixture. Drink this cordial at least three to four times a day.

5 Simple Indian home remedies for viral fever
Remedy for fever at home.

2) Coriander Tea

Coriander is rich in vitamins and phytonutrients. It is a natural source to enhance your immunity. Coriander tea is helpful in relieving symptoms of viral fever such as a runny nose. To make coriander tea, boil the coriander seeds in water and add a little milk and honey. Drink once cooled down. It is recommended to drink coriander tea at least twice a day until your viral symptoms reduce.

3) Tulsi Leaves

A widely used home remedy for the treatment of viral fever is Tulsi, mainly due to its anti-bacterial and antibiotic properties. The Tulsi juice can be prepared by boiling Tulsi leaves with half a tablespoon of clove. When the water gets reduced to half, strain the liquid, and your Tulsi juice is ready! Drink this potion every two hours for easy relief till you notice a difference in your symptoms. Also, read 11 health benefits of tulsi.

4) Black Pepper and Ginger Tea

One of the common symptoms associated with viral fever, especially in children, is irregular bowels. For its effective treatment, make sure to try black pepper and ginger tea. While black pepper helps in flushing out toxins, ginger’s anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties are suitable for easing the viral symptoms. Black pepper tea is simple to make. You need to make regular ginger tea first. For this, boil water, milk, and ground/chopped ginger. After a few minutes, add tea leaves to boil for a bit. Finally, put a pinch of black pepper in that ginger tea, and boil your healthy tea is ready to fight your viral fever!

5) Rice Starch

A traditional home remedy for treating viral symptoms is, undeniably, rice starch. Rice starch is a natural and healthy drink that works as a diuretic agent and helps in boosting immunity, especially among children and the elderly. To make rice starch, cook rice until the rice granules are half-cooked, and then strain the liquid. It is recommended to drink the rice starch warm for an instant effect.

With absolutely no side effects, these home remedies are readily available in our kitchen and are highly beneficial in relieving viral symptoms. So, make the rounds to your kitchen now and be prepared with these helpful home remedies to shoo away all the diseases that monsoon might bring to your home.

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