How to lose belly fat in south africa….weight loss in South Africa .

South African Member and my beautiful South African ladies , how are you doing today? You are having problems with a big tummy or pot belly that doesn’t fit with your clothes because it is too big? You want to have a flat stomach with little exercise and no surgery ? Then read this article ….


3 Secret Steps To Lose Belly Fat While Eating Normally

If you are like me that my metabolism works at snail speed and you want to lose belly fat then you have to help yourself by incorporating daily habits that will help speed up your metabolism

1. Drink hot water :

Start your day with a glass of plain hot water.
Once you wake up take a glass of hot water to help melt any accumulated fat in your system and also speed up your metabolism.

You know the way oil congeals and for it to melt you have to heat it or add hot water. In the same vein imagine your stomach after you have just had an oily meal and you drink cold water, what do you think will happen? You guessed right 😁.

Try to drink hot water after an oily meal, you want to avoid cold water after an oily meal. Hot water helps to melt accumulated fat in your system and speeds up metabolism.

Opt for hot water, hot tea (not Milo/beverage drinks) and avoid cold drinks through out your day. This has really helped me a lot and it takes some time getting used to, trust me.

How to lose belly fat in South Africa
How to lose belly fat in South Africa

2. Ginger Juice :

Ginger has a lot of health benefits, incorporate ginger juice in your daily life to aid digestion / speed up metabolism and burn belly fat. Replace the sugary drinks you normally take with ginger juice.

3. Citrus fruits (Especially Lemon):

if you are serious about burning belly fat then citrus fruits should be your best friend.

Consume it daily, add it in your tea, ginger juice or in your water. The vitamin C in citrus fruits also helps to glow your skin from the inside out.

It helps to cleanse your system of unhealthy food / fats stored in your body and also speeds up metabolism.

Always remember whatever you’re eating portion control is 🔑 key and go for healthier food options and as you apply these tips it will work for you.

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Written by Esther Adagiri


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