how long does nafdac registration take? how long does it take to get nafdac number?

√ NAFDAC has been empowered by the Nigerian government to carry out and certify those businesses under FOODS or Consumables.

√ Before you do food business and bring it out for consumption,it is important you allow NAFDAC do their work on it by confirming that your foods is good for consumption.

√ This body are very harsh when it comes to doing their work,most of you might have seen them dealing with pharmacies and drug dealers who are not Registered or have gone through their processes,

This body can bring down a company that is operating without their certification,it’s called”illegal production or Operation”

√ So to avoid losing your hard gathered money,it’s advisable that you pass through NAFDAC if you are into foods/Consumables or aspiring to go into it.

Now that you have seen the need to have your product registered , how long does it take to get nafdac number?

How Long Does NAFDAC Registration Takes in Nigeria ?

NAFDAC registration is now faster than it used to be and even the cost of registering a product whether imported or locally made has been slashed by the Buhari Administration to encourage small and medium scale industry or businesses.

Registration of food products by NAFDAC takes not more than 90 days from after acceptance of the application.

how long does nafdac registration take?
How long it takes to get registered by NAFDAC

Drug products registration takes not more than 120 days from acceptance of the application
Variation of product registration takes not more than 60 days….

Summary of Registration processes with timelines

Submission of Application – 0 days

Document Verification – 10 days for food and drug.

Facility Inspection/Sampling – 20 days for Food, 40 days for Drug.

Laboratory Analysis – 30 days for Food, 40 days for Drug.

Final Vetting – 10 days for food and drug

Approval Meeting/Issuance of NAFDAC registration Number (Certificate of registration) – 20 days for food and drug.

Total number of days: 90 days for Food, 120 days for Drugs….

All things been equal, it takes roughly 90days (3 months) for NAFDAC to register your product for consumption….Just ensure that your product; food , drugs or edibles meet the required NAFDAC standard.

Please do things according to the Nigerian law….if you are caught producing unregistered drugs, food, creams or drink, you will be arrested, prosecuted and sent to prison if found guilty by the courts.

Say no to fake drugs

Say no to fake food products

Say no to fake and adulterated drinks.

Say no to fake creams

If you see any fake product, please report to NAFDAC.

A lot of fake products

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