Top 10 biggest hospital in Nigeria/Top 10 best hospital in Nigeria 2021

This is going to be a very tough one…I have been told to rank the biggest and best hospitals in Nigeria. It is not going to be easy and I will try to be dispassionate about it.

I am going to rank the best and biggest hospitals in Nigeria based on the following paramaters that we can a relate to.

1. Manpower (number specialist doctors and nurses, lab scientists , pharmacists and other health care providers)

2. Medical facilities ….theatres, radio diagnostic department, specialised surgery tools

3. Prompt response to accidents and emergencies.

4. Capacity to perform highly specialized procedures and surgeries like IVF, kidney transplant, heart transplant , interventional radiology etc

5. Capacity and expertise to treat all forms of cancer including the ability to provide chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

6. Covid treatment capacity and vaccination.

7. Remuneration of staff

8. Dedication of staff to patient care

With this, I can now comfortably list out the best and biggest hospital in Nigeria. I am going to add both private hospital and government hospitals that are the best in Nigeria.

Top 10 biggest hospital in Nigeria/Top 10 best hospital in Nigeria 2021

1. First Consultants Medical Centre

It is expected that being the commercial hub and financial capital of Nigeria , Lagos will be the state with the best hospital in Nigeria…Some people may think I chose first consultants Medical Centre (first cardiology consultant hospital ) as the best in Nigeria because a lot of rich people go there….This is not entirely true. They simply have the capacity to deliver quality healthcare.

Top 10 best hospital in Nigeria
The best and biggest hospitals in Nigeria listed.

First consultants , located in Obalende Lagos have an array of medical specialists and medical facilities. First cardiology consultants hospital became famous because of Dr Stella Adadevoh who died fighting Ebola virus pandemic in 2014.

The hospital have up to date medical facilities, radiodiagnostic centre, intensive care unit, outpatient unit, emergency department, basic and advanced life support facilities … wonder, first consultants were the first private hospital approved by the federal government for the testing and treatment of coronavirus. They remain my best hospital for now in Nigeria.

2. Cedarcrest Hospital Limited

Located in Abuja. Cedarcrest hoplsitals is were President Buhari’s only son, Yusuf Buhari, was treated/operated for traumatic brain injury when he was involved that unfortunate motorbike accident. He completely recovered and he is now up and doing. This is just one of cedarcrest’s numerous success stories.

Cedarcrest hospital has loads of but foreign and indigenous specialist medical doctors and nurses ready to make you get back to your feet again. They offer plastic/surgery services, orthopedic surgery services, general surgery, neurosurgery, obstetrics, Gynaecology, outpatient services, urology, etc.

3. St Nicholas Hospital

A very big private hospital in Lagos and one of the best private hospitals in Nigeria. St Nicholas private hospital have very dedicated medical staff…The hospital is believed to have carried out more renal transplant surgeries than any private hospital and most public hospitals in Nigeria. St Nicholas is located in Lagos. Some stakeholders of health believe that St Nicholas is the best hospital in Lagos.

5. University college hospital, Ibadan

University college hospital or as people love to call it, University of Ibadan teaching hospital,Ibadan will surely make my top 10 list of best and biggest hospital ….Founded in 1948, the premiere teaching hospital has expanded over time. UCH has facilities for cancer care like radiotherapy, chemotherapy and oncology.

The University college has the largest number of medical specialists in Nigeria….more than any other teaching hospital and federal medical centre in Nigeria. UCH have facilities for ICU, ambulance services, assisted reproductive technology , transplant surgeries, open heart surgeries etc.

6. Zenith Medical Centre

Zenith Medical Centre in Abuja has become very popular for its expertise in renal transplant and exploits in genitourinary (urology) procedures. The hospital have a up to date medical facilities and a dedicated plus professional staff. Zenith Medical Centre success story in kidney transplant makes them deserve to be in the top 10 list of best hospitals in Naija.

7. Eko hospitals

Located in Lagos. Eko hospital is probably the second largest private hospital in Lagos and perhaps Nigeria after Lagoon hospital. Eko hospital has its headquarters at Ikeja with annexes in Ikoyi and Surulere …

The Ikeja facility is a private 130 bed teaching hospital and tertiary institution with a wide range of state of the art therapeutic and diagnostic facilities.

The Surulere Hospital is a 40 bed Secondary healthcare facility, and the Ikoyi facility is a full fledged primary Health Care and diagnostic centre. Eko hospitals have nurses, surgeons , physicians and other health care providers in good supply.

8. Lagoon hospital..

Established in Lagos in 1982. Lagoon hospital is one of the few tech driven hospitals in Nigeria. According to Wikipedia, “Lagoon Hospitals have pioneered advanced medical care in Nigeria. Lagoon hospitals became the first private hospital in the country to successfully perform an open-heart surgery. The surgery was performed by a team of resident Nigerian healthcare professionals.”

“Lagoon hospitals in Apapa and Ikeja hospitals also became the first hospitals in sub-Saharan Africa to earn accreditation from Joint commission international (JCI), the global acclaimed and recognised agency certifying hospitals and healthcare organisations with world standards and best practice in healthcare delivery.”

9. Reddington Hospital

Has affiliations to Cromwell HospitalCromwell Hospital , London. Reddington pioneered Nigeria’s first Digital Cardiac Catherization and Angiography suite, a specialty in heart care. Reddington hospital have  quality, well motivated and quality medical staff.

The hospital provides the following services:

👉renal dialysis
👉obstetrics and gynaecology
👉surgery (endoscopy and day-care)
👉ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) surgery
👉Gastroenterology (digestive diseases)

10. Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital

Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital (ABUTH) is the second largest teaching hospital in Nigeria with a large workforce. The have made breakthroughs in transplant surgeries, heart surgeries , prostate surgeries, emergency care , and many more. ABUTH is probably the most visited hospital in Northern Nigeria. Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital comes very close.

You can see that the state with the highest number or list of best hospitals in Nigeria is Lagos state.

And one other thing…

This list of best hospitals or top 10 biggest hospitals in Nigeria is not really without its loopholes and the hospitals are not free of inadequacies….it is just my opinion which I feel many Nigerians will agree with.

Among the top 10 hospitals in Nigeria, here are some honourable mentions that did not make the list unless I rank the top 20 best hospitals in Nigeria .

1. University of Benin Teaching hospital , Benin, Edo State

2. University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital , Borno

3. Federal Medical Centre, Umuahia

4. Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH)

5. University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH), Enugu

6. Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital , Kano (best in kidney transplant right know in Nigeria)

7. National Hospital Abuja

8. Lily Hospitals Limited

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