Side Effects and Health benefits of igboya bitters…

Apart from alomo bitters, Action bitters , yoyo bitters and origin bitters, igboya herbal bitters or igboya manpower herbal drink is also as popular. Igboya is so popular in a town in cross rivers state called Obudu. The reason for igboya’s popularity especially among men is its function to make a man last longer in bed. It is believed that Igboya manpower herbal bitters is used to treat erectile dysfunction, weak erection, premature ejaculation and enhance sperm count and boost low libido.

Health benefits of igboya herbal bitters

Igboya bitters is believed to be a potent manpower and aphrodisiac. It boosts libido, increase sperm count, cures premature ejaculation , cures weak erection and helps a man last longer in bed.

Side Effects and Health benefits of igboya bitters
Igboya bitters has many uses

Apart from the aphrodisiac property of igboya bitters, it is also known for aiding digestive health, curbing sugar cravings, boosting the immune system, and even easing stress. Igboya herbal bitters also helps to cure jedi jedi and low back pains.

Igboya Man Power side effects

Igboya bitters contains a large amount of alcohol and its alcohol content is responsible for much of its side effects. Igboya bitters can cause stomach ulcer, drowsiness, hypoglycemia , diarrhoea, abdominal pains, addiction, weak erection, intoxication etc. Any bitters that contains alcohol can cause liver and kidney injury. Igboya bitters is also not good for pregnancy and pregnant women. Pregnant women and nursing or breastfeeding mothers should not take igboya bitters please or any other type of bitters.

Please discuss with your doctor on the safety of taking bitters.


Igboya bitters comes in 200ml, 375ml and even in satchet. A bottle of igboya is sold for about #500 or sometimes more.

Alcoholic content of igboya herbal bitters

Igboya manpower or igboya herbal drink contains about 40-50 percent of alcohol. Igboya bitters is an alcholic drink for sure.

Igboya bitters ingredients

These ingredients used to prepare igboya bitters comprise aromatics and botanicals that can include any combination of herbs, roots, bark, fruit, seeds, or flowers.

Igboya herbal drink dosage

Take according to the manufacturers prescription. To improve their sexual pwrformance, some men take up to 100mls before the real activity two times daily but I think this is too much.

CAVEAT; Some men have complained that igboya herbal bitters does not work for them in the area of solving their problems of erectile dysfunction. Please do not take igboya manpower with Viagra… may reduce the efficacy and even lower your blood pressure to a a very critical point.

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