Can sugar and water prevent pregnancy?

Seriously, now it is sugar and water for preventing pregnancy? Before it was salt and water as contraceptive, now ladies have moved to sugar and water as contraceptive. It that not funny.

This is a mesaage got from a Ghanaian lady a week ago;

“Goodmorning doctor, please i had unprotected sex 2 days ago and I drank water mixed with sugar to flush out sperm and prevent unwanted pregnancy. I also washed inside me with the water + sugar. I want to know if sugar and water will prevent me from getting pregnant.”

Don’t be surprised at this …ladies will do anything to prevent pregnancy, so they have resorted to sugar and water.

You want to know the truth? Sugar and water does not prevent pregnancy….if you like drink water mixed with water after sex, if you are in your fertile period, you will get pregnant. Sugar laden water will not help you please. Sugar and water is not contraceptive and does not prevent pregnancy please.

Can sugar and water prevent pregnancy?
Water + sugar is not a contraceptive

It is also important for you to note that drinking sugar and water after sex will not kill sperm …sugar and water does not cause miscarriage and neither can it be used for abortion.

What now works in preventing pregnancy?

Postinor , plan b, postpill and other morning after pills can be used for emergency contraception and they sure prevent pregnancy if taken according to directions. They are scientifically and medically indicated. Don’t put your hope on sugar and water, it will fail you….please.

Let me give some info about postinor and how to use it ….

Take one 750 μg tablet as soon as possible (within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse);

Take a second 750 μg tablet 12 hours after the first dose;

If you vomit within 2 hours of taking a tablet, talk to your doctor for an additional tablet.

You must take the second tablet exactly 12 hours after the first tablet. Work out a time when you will be able to take the second tablet (e.g. not in the middle of the night). This means you may have to delay the first dose, although the sooner the first tablet is taken, the greater the chance of the treatment being effective.

Postinor-2 can be taken at any time during the menstrual cycle, unless the menstrual period is late.

Postinor-2 has an 85% chance of preventing pregnancy. If taken within 24 hours, there is a 95% chance of preventing pregnancy. If taken after 48-72 hours, there is a 58% chance. It is not known whether it is effective if taken more than 72 hours after unprotected intercourse.

You should have a follow-up with your doctor within 3 weeks of taking.

Postinor-2 will not prevent you from catching any sexually transmitted diseases.

Your next menstrual period is likely to arrive on time. However, it may be slightly early or late. If it is more than 1 week late, or if it is unusually light, perform a pregnancy test.

If you do not have a menstrual period after 3 weeks of taking Postinor-2, you may be pregnant. Consult your doctor.

Postinor-2 is intended as an emergency measure. If you need to take repeated doses, you should talk to your doctor about using long-term methods of contraception instead.

This info on postinor was culled from Virtual Medicine Centre.


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