Can a girl get pregnant if a boy touches her breast with mouth??

From my inbox….a young lady writes to find out if she will get pregnant if her boyfriend touches her breasts with his mouth.

Her email:

Hello doctor. I am a 19 year old virgin but I have a boyfriend of 6months now. About 5 days ago, we were involved in touching and rubbing but no penetrative sex. My boyfriend for the the first time put his mouth on my breasts and below me. No semen was involved though but I am worried. Forgive my inexperience, I want to know if I will get pregnant if my boyfriend touches my breasts with his mouth. I don’t want to get pregnant at my age. Thank you.

NB: I decided to not publish the writer’s name for privacy reasons.

Can a girl get pregnant if a boy touches her breast with mouth?
Can a girl get pregnant if a boy touches her breast with mouth?
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My reply;

Thank you for reaching out… Your worry is genuine as many ladies also ask this question on many occasions. It is important for you to know that only penetrative sex that involves semen or sperm going into a the Viginia will cause pregnancy. So, as far as you were only involved in “rubbing and touching” and no semen was involved I think you are safe from pregnancy….you will not get pregnant from just mouth on breast ….or what we call “adult male breast feeding”. Don’t worry….

It is easy to get pregnant as far as semen get close to or inside the vigina but since you claim it was just touching , no need to worry….

A lot of young persons are usually confused on what causes pregnancy and what does not especially when they are starting to get sexually active….this is a problem that can only be solved by continual sexual education from the homes and schools..

It is also important for you to know the different methods of contraception,preventing pregnancy and preventing sexually transmitted infections.

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