How does a woman feel when sperm enters the body?

I don’t really know how to really answer this question to your satisfaction because I am not a woman. So I decided to privately interview some ladies above 30 and are kna knacksually active.

Here is what they have to say…

How does a woman feel when sperm enters the body?

Tope Alagbo

Well, I became active at the age of 19 and I have been since then…I am now 31 years old….whenever I do the do without “raincoat” and the man spi.lls “his content”, I feel like a warm substance has entered me and that is all…I cannot explain more than this…I have tried. Laughs

Evelyn etinosa

How a woman feel when sperm en*ters inside her probably vary from woman to woman.As for me, I feel nothing other than it makes me feel very relaxed and calm.

How does a woman feel when sperm enters the body?
How do they feel? Read this article.

Rosemary Yusuf.

How do in know? it is easy, part of what I coll.ected leaks out of me…that is when I know…Note that it is not all the time semen leaks out.

Hauwa Dauda

The feeling is ecstatic … is w.arm and satisfying.

Grace udufia

I am married woman now….when s.perm enters a woman, to the best of my knowledge and from experience , i think it fills her up …for me, I feel full inside me and down there for the the next 24 hours…it also makes me feel sleepy and relaxed. Ha! I think I have let out too much info for men to gloat over!

Muslimah Falilat

I lot of women have said so many things about their different about how they feel when sperm enters them….for me, I feel nothing…I don’t know if that is wierd…haha

Tookie Faridah

A woman will know if sperm have been deposited after megbesuegbe in her one way or the other….For me, I know when I feel drowsy….if I don’t want to get pregnant , I quickly wash inside my body with salt and water and then take postinor. I no fit shout.

Rita balogun

For me, I know sperm has entered me in a funny way…I develop this sort of unexplained itching inside me….I don’t know how sem.en causes itching…but it happens to me.


About 8 ladies I have interviewed have said their mind about how the feel when sperm en..ters them…we cannot really tell how individual ladies feel because it vary from woman to woman….but this ladies I interviewed in this article should give us a clue. Thank you …

CAVEAT; For privacy purposes, the names used here are not the actual or real names of the interviewee….

Special thanks to all the ladies that were ready to share some of their intimate history just to educate the the public. Your are queens!!!

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