Guava leaves tea side effects + Side effects of guava leaves…

Does guava leaf have side effects?

Please read carefully to find out the truth:

Guava leaves tea is generally considered safe and healthy. However, taking too much (excess) of guava leaves was found to cause constipation, ulcer, nausea, and vomiting.

On this page, you can learn more about the safety, warnings , precautions and sided effects of guava leaves from here.

What you need to note about guava leaf👇

Guava leaves tea side effects

1. Ceased menses 👇

Don’t be surprised to observe the stoppage of menstruation while using guava leaves tea.
Because the leaves contain a small number of steroids which is actually within the healthy limit.

However, prolonged , excessive and frequent use of guava leaves tea or extract can accumulate steroids in the body and this may cause disruption in the menstrual cycle to women who are allergic to steroid-like compounds.

Steroids are secondary metabolites in guava leaves which were shown to have a negative effect on the menstrual cycle.

However, the above case is very uncommon and even at a high dosage of guava leaves extracts.

Guava leaves tea side effects
Guava leaves tea side effects

❌❌Note: Consume guava leaf tea in moderation, boil 10-15 guava leaf and drink it for two days..if you wish to boil it daily, boil 5 leaf per day. If you are allergic to steroid compound, avoid the drink altogether.


Guava leaves tea is recommended to be consumed when cooled or lukewarm. This is because taking hot tea of guava leaves can cause constipation, nausea, and vomiting. So, avoid taking hot guava tea. Leave it until it cools down to a room temperature.

❌❌Note: So many consume it hot🙄…you have to allow it cool down before ingesting it please.


Do not use guava leaves tea that is more than 48 hours. Always prepare and use guava leaf tea within 48 hours. This is because allowing the guava leaf tea to stay for more than 48 hours can lead to the contamination of the tea (microbial growth, which can cause serious health problems when taken.

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if you are drinking to correct your irregular period, make sure you do not exceed two cups daily. Additionally, take fruits and leafy green vegetables that will increase iron compounds in your body.

5. Complications for pregnant women. Usually, guava leaf tea is known to help to contract and clean the womb. Therefore, pregnant women are advised not to use it since it can clean the foetus out too. This is quite controversial though as many researches has encouraged pregnant women to take guava leaf tea with fear.

6. Interactions with other drugs: Please liaise with your doctor before taking any medicine while on guava leaf tea. This is because some compounds in guava leaf tea and drugs might interact negatively.

7. Too much consumption of guava tea,result in constipation: Therefore, you should ensure you take lots and lots of water after consuming the tea.

8. It may be allergic to some people, which is usually rare: Under rare circumstances, individuals my be allergic to guava leaf tea. Such individuals should therefore discontinue the use of guava leaf tea in case of any suspected allergies.

CAVEAT: These side effects of guava leaves tea are almost non-existent if taken in moderation. Guava leaf tea is very safe and should be enjoyed by all and sundry….



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