What cream can I use to tighten my Vigina?What can I use to tighten my virgin home remedy…Medicine to tighten the virgina…What can I use to tighten my virgin…

There is this craze about virgina tightening creams in the world right now. Many ladies spend a fortune to buy creams that they believe will make their virgina tight….There are some creams you insert into your Virginia to make it firm and tight….how true is this claim?

Today, I will disappoint you. There is not cream, stick, pills, feminine wash and pearls that will make you tight down there….don’t fall for any scam.

Scientifically , virgina tightening creams or gels have not been developed to meet the indicated need. Those tightening creams you see being marketed on social media are not clinically tested or researched…they do not work…that is the simple truth. Rather, these creams can contaminate and infect your vagina…using them can make you itch down there, they can make you develop vagina odour, candidiasis called vaginal yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis…Yea, this is how bad vagina creams can be….it is better you avoid them.

What cream can I use to tighten my Vigina?
What cream can I use to tighten my Vigina?

The vigina is elastic and will most likely return to its near origin shape and size after intercourse and child birth (not always the case in childbirth)…but if you feel to loose down there, it is better for you do do vagina exercises like yoga and KEGEL or go for virgin tightening surgeries known as vaginoplasty…viginal rejuvenation or vaginia revagination can also make you very tighten down there….but say no to creams ….they are harmful to your “garden” and will kill off the healthy flora meant to fight off vaginal pathogens.

What is vaginoplasty and what is revagination?

What is Revagination?


Revagination— more than just a superficial “rejuvenation” — it is a true rebuilding of the support to the vagina and vaginal opening to address vulvo-vaginal laxity (looseness of the opening of the vigina and the virgina canal) and to address the resulting loss of sexual functioning that comes from that laxity (loss of tightness and sensation).

Other Plastic surgeries also available including Vaginoplasty!

According to WEBMD: Vaginoplasty is a procedure that aims to “tighten up” a vagina that has become slack or loose from vaginal childbirth or aging. Some surgeons claim it can even improve sensitivity — a claim the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) has strongly challenged.

While it’s true that vaginal tissues can stretch, surgically tightening the vaginal tissue in itself cannot guarantee a heightened sexual response, since desire, arousal, and orgasm are complex, highly personal responses, conditioned as much by emotional, spiritual, and interpersonal factors as aesthetic ones.

Summary: Viginal tightening creams do not work…it is true that a women may feel loose down there after vaginal childbirth…or was born loose…..Women who desire to be tight should try KEGEL exercises or yoga…or they can go for viginal tightening surgeries.

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