What can you drink to get rid of pregnancy? What can u drink to get rid of pregnancy…What can you drink to terminate pregnancy…what to drink to abort pregnancy.

Not every pregnancy is intended and many ladies drink all sorts of substances and juices to terminate or get rid of unwanted pregnancies. They are;

1. Pineapple Juice

Pineapple has been misrepresented to have the ability to induce uterine contractions that will later cause miscarriage and terminate pregnancy. But these claims are not true, drinking pineapple cannot abort pregnancy.

2..Raw eggs

Drinking raw egg as been suggested to have the ability to terminate and remove pregnancy. It is believed that drinking 5 raw eggs at once will help remove or abort your unwantes pregnancy. This has however, been found to be untrue. Drinking raw eggs can cause you serious food poisoning that may have life threatening consequences.

3. Hot water.

Some ladies believe drinking hot water will terminate pregnancy …so many ladies young ladies drink mouth-burning hot water for pregnancy termination but it will not work.Hot water or cold water will not abort pregnancy or cause miscarriage.

4. Unripe pawpaw water

How much unripe papaya can cause abortion? Don’t bother yourself about this…it is like drinking poison….drinking unripe pawpaw water or fermented unripe pawpaw water will not abort pregnancy….drinking unripe pawpaw water may actually cause uterine contractions but it will not be strong enough to remove pregnancy…. Unripe pawpaw water is very acidic and will worsen your ulcer pains.

5. Lipton.

It is true that some ladies drinks loads of lipton tea to terminate pregnancy but the truth is it does not work.

6. Salt water

Drinking saltwater will not cause miscarriage or ternminate pregnancy….it will only cause you hypertension and kidney damage.

7. Coke mixed wirh paracetamol

I read somewhere that come and high doses paracetamol can terminate pregnancy….people that perform this unholy practice should better stop. Coca-Cola + paracetamol are not abortion pills, it does not prevent pregnancy…rather high does of paracetamol can destroy your liver.

8. Herbal bitters.

Alomo bitters, yoyo bitters, and ruzu bitters are popular among ladies who use them for abortion…..the truth is herbal bitters cannot terminate pregnancy.

9. Postinor

Pregnant ladies swallow postinor or postpill or plan b to abort pregnancy, the truth is, postinor is an emergency contraceptive pill and not an abortion pill. Postinor does not abort pregnancy.

What can you drink to get rid of pregnancy?
What can you drink to get rid of pregnancy?

10. Dry gin

Spirits , liquors and gins like Chelsea dry gin and schnapps have been used to terminate pregnancy. Some ladies actually thinks it works.

11. Guava leaf tea.

Can guava leaves cause abortion? No. Drinking guava leaf tea cannot cause abortion…guava leafs contain alot of folic acid, a vitamin needed to sustain a pregnancy rather than destroy it.

12. Aspirin or disprin

Disprin (aspirin) and pineapple the greenish one can abort early pregnancy, swallowing 5 disprin 3times a day can abort early pregnancy and also greenish pawpaw can also terminate. Some persons use aspirin + coke + pineapple for


It is no longer news that alcohol has the ability to induce an abortion …yes it is true. So some ladies take alcohol to abort early pregnancy. Alcohol are usually gin and beers.

14…aloe Vera

NB: these drinks listed here have not been truly shown to terminate, get rid or abort pregnancy….don’t depend on them.

15. Lime

Lime is very rancid and acidic….ladies lick plenty lime to remove pregnancy…some mix lime and chelsea dry gin to abort pregnancy.

16. Lemon juice

Lemon is also a popular abortion concoction among rural ladies. Lemon and lemon grass are believed to help terminate pregnancy very fast…eespecially early pregnancy.

17..Aloe Vera

Surprising right…it is believed that aloe Vera juice help remove early pregnancy…Ladies squeeze the juice out of aloe vera and mix it with lemon or lime for abortion. It does not work though.

18. Unripe Orange.

You see those very unripe and sour small oranges, the juice are used for abortion by some ladies.

19. Beecham Ampiclox

Beecham Ampiclox is very popular among ladies not as an antibiotic but as an abortion pill and an emergency contraceptive pill….Ladies take high doses of Beecham Ampiclox to remove pregnancy. .. it does not work anyway.

20. Vitamin C

This should not surprise you…high doses of vitamin C is swallowed by ladies to abort pregnancy ….of course you know that vitamin C does not prevent pregnancy ..

21. White Quinine.

White quinine in high doses is believed to prevent pregnancy and abort early pregnancy because quinine can cause uterine contractions and miscarriage….don’t try this, quinine in high doses can stop your heart.

22. Krest, 7Up, Schweppes.

They all contain quinine and ladies use krest, Seven-Up or Schweppes to abort unwanted pregnancy. It does not work.

23…Bitter leaf and scent leaf

Drinking high volume of bitter leaf and scent leaf juice is suggested to help remove pregnancy but this is not true.

24. Herbs /Agbo

Some ladies drink all sorts of herbal preparations and Agbo jedi jedi to terminate pregnancy… Be informed that these herbs can damage your kidneys and liver.

CAVEAT: None of the drinks listed here can effectively remove or abort pregnancy ….See a doctor if you have unintended pregnancy.

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