How to use guava leaves for fertility,ovulation and menstruation….

How To Boost Your Fertility, Ovulation, Menstruation and Get Pregnant Easily and faster With Guava Leaves.

These 5 items, Guava Leaves, Aidan, Okra, ginger and Goron tula are just what you need. They’re common everywhere in Africa…and are readily available in the local markets.

How to use guava leaves for fertility, ovulation and menstruation
How to use guava leaves for fertility, ovulation and menstruation

When you don’t have perfect ovulation, pregnancy becomes a problem. Now, follow this article if you are trying to conceive.

Method 1:

1. Get enough fresh guava leaves and add about 3 Aidan or prekese ( to be cut into pieces)

2. Wash thoroughly and boil together with enough water for about 15 minutes till the colour turns brown.

3. Drop the pot and sieve(filter). Take 1 cup before breakfast and before bed. To be taken warm. It should b taken during menstruation and during ovulation.

Then After your menstruation;

4. Get about 7 fingers of okra, cut into pieces and soak in plastic jar overnight. Filter and start drinking this immediately after the menstruation is over. Take it as usual for 3days. Store the combo in the fridge.

During ovulation;

5. Start chewing few seeds of gorontula into your ovulation period.

Please be ready to have enough sexual intercourse… This recipe will make you very fertile and “in the mood”. If you don’t have enough nakks while on this recipe, pregnancy will not occur. Ensure you husband is around when you start this journey.

Remember Gorontula not only boost your ovulation, it tackles issues of dry vagina, painful sex called dyspareunia, painful menstruation called dysmenorrhea and low sex libido as a lady etc

Goron tula is also very good for men. It tackles weak erection, premature ejaculation, low sex drive and low Sperm count in men.

Are you trying to conceive?? Try this combo.


GUAVA LEAVES are a great source of fertility boosting nutrients which are rich in vitamin C,calcium,vitamin B2,niacin vitamin E,and magnesium. Guava leaf include a high content of folic acid known as vitamin B9.

How To Prepare guava leaf drink for fertility

1:pluck and wash the leaves to clean them

2:pour water into a pot and allow to boil

3:pour the leaves into water and boil them for few minutes until the water becomes greenish or brownish

4:Remove the pot from the fire and seive the liquid drink a cup first thing in the morning before you eat and the last thing before you sleep at night. It is normally bitter, but don’t worry….

Note: your husband can drink it too but you have add ginger to his own for taste.

One cup of guava juice is said to contain 20 percent of your daily folate or Folic acid requirements.

Some questions answered;

Can guava leaves help to conceive twins?

Not really, but guava leaves contains loads of folic acid which boost multiple ovulation…in multiple ovulation, a woman’s chances of having twins is higher.

Can I take guava leaves after my period?

The answer is yes…you can take guava leaves tea before, during and after your period…no harm found.

Guava leaves and menstruation; how to use guava leaves for menstrual cramps.

Guava leaves tea for sure eases menstrual flow and relieves menstrual cramps. A cup of warm guava leave tea with goron tula or honey morning and evening soothes the pain of menstrual cramps.

When to take guava leaves for FERTILITY?

Anytime of the day…take a cup of warm guava leaves tea in the morning or at night before going to bed…you can combine guava leaves tea with folic acid and clomid.

Guava leaves for hormonal imbalance

Hormonal imbalance means low, too high or dys-regulated levels of pregnancy hormones like progesterone, oestrogen, LH, FSH etc…Guava leaves tea helps to balance the hormones but I advise you see a doctor because it could be caused by something more sinister.

How long should I take guava leaves for fertility?

For at least 6 weeks…a cup daily will help.

Guava leaves for infection

Aside aiding fertility, guava leaves tea have no antibiotic property so does not cure infection.

Guava leaves is being research as a possible remedy for cancer.

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  1. Thanks very much,for thé post,does anyone who carry out this tea gets prégnant,does it work for everyone,i just pray it works

  2. Thanks for the period start today and I took the guava leaf water,and is really paining me seriously I don’t know if is bcos is my first time .what can I do to stop the pain

  3. I have heard people testify about this guava leaves
    pls like how many days can it be taken in each month
    Or is it advisable to be taking on a daily basics till result is seen


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