Botcho Cream: Side Effects, Ingredients, How To Use, All You Should Know

All you need to know about botcho cream

What are the Side effects of Botcho cream?

There reported side effects of #Botcho #cream are allergic reactions, redness of the the skin, discolouration of the skin, rashes and blemishes. Some women said the enlarged buttocks and hips go back to its old size when they stopped using the cream. There is also the fear that #botcho #cream could cause skin cancer but this claim remain unfounded.

What happens when you stop using Botcho cream?

The truth is even though #botcho #cream enlarges your buttocks and hips by increasing fat distribution and deposition, they will return back to its old size and shape when you stop taking it…. Now the question is, for how long can you continue to take #botcho for your buttocks and hips to remain big?

How to apply Botcho cream for effective results?

Apply #botcho #cream according to the manufacturers instruction and direction.


-After taking your shower clean your body
make it DRY

-Get a hair dryer, dry your butt with the
dryer to open up the pores in your skin or
get a warm or hot water, use your face
towels, dip it in the water and squeeze the
water out.

-While it’s still hot, rub it on your buttocks like you are cleaning it, it open up the pores.

– Then apply the #Botcho on your Buttocks
leave it for at least 10 to 15mins before
you wear your underwear or anything else

How to identify original Botcho cream

Differentiating between original and fake #Botcho #cream is quite difficult… You can avoid getting fake Botcho by buying directly from trusted sources and online supermarkets.

Botcho Cream: Side Effects, Ingredients, How To Use, All You Should Know
She said it was botcho cream that gave her her big hips and buttocks.

Does botcho cream cause cancer?

There is this fear among users that #botcho causes cancer…. but it is not untrue and unfounded… There is no scientific evidence that supports this.

How to know original #Botcho #cream

I have already talked about this…. Just ensure your buttocks the product from the right source and distributor to avoid fake and counterfeited botcho.

How To identify fake Botcho cream

Get from the trusted #Botcho #cream sellers and distributors. Those #Botcho sold on facebook and instagram are mostly fake.

How long does it take to see results with Botcho cream?

Within 3 weeks after effectively applying #botcho, you will begin to see results in your hips and bums getting bigger according to a lady who developed big backside from #botcho.

How to use #Botcho #cream effectively

👉Don’t try this with FAKE #botcho #creams as it won’t work.

👉Measure with a tape before you start, that way you track the progress.

👉Apply The cream on the area you want to work on daily, morning and night, after shower.

👉Massage very well until it absorbs. Rub in a circular motion and like you are lifting it up

👉Be consistent, do not miss a day.

Where to get original Botcho cream?

Online shopping malls, online supermarkets like Jumia, konga etc.. Big pharmacies.

#Botcho #cream reviews and Testimonials in Nigeria..

There are many reviews and testimonials about #Botcho on Facebook and Instagram…but be careful what you believe.

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