Side effects of bobaraba syrup and capsules for hips and buttocks enlargement.

Is there any Country that you can’t find Bobaraba syrup and capsules these days…. Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Senegal, Lagos, Abuja, Benin City, Port Harcourt,…just name it… it is that popular especially among ladies who believe it helps them develop big buttocks, big breasts and bigger hips. The manufacturers of Bobaraba multivitamins says it “contains natural, herbal active ingredients.” Apart from hips and buttocks, the manufacturers says.. Bobaraba reduces the appearance of loose, sagging skin.

Side effects of bobaraba syrup and capsules for hips and buttocks enlargement.
Bobaraba syrup and capsules has side effects and disadvantages too.

Ladies take Bobaraba syrup and capsules for hips, breasts and hips enlargement without considering if it works and most importantly, its side effects.

Side effects of Bobaraba syrup and capsules .

👉Bobaraba can cause diarrhoea and even dysentery

👉paranoia and confusion

👉excessive sweating

👉nausea and vomiting (large quantities of bobaraba syrup almost always cause people to throw up)

👉belly pain, abdominal cramps

👉irregular heartbeat and high blood pressure

👉dry, itchy skin and facial redness

👉Bobaraba syrup can trigger stomach ulcer and heartburns

👉a lady who attempted to use Bobaraba syrup for hips and buttocks enlargement once presented to our clinic with complaints of cessation of menstruation and irregular menstrual period after drinking Bobaraba syrup.

👉There are fears that Bobaraba syrup could cause cancer.

👉 Bobaraba syrup and capsules can cause life threatening allergies

👉an overdose and prolonged use of bobaraba syrup may cause liver and kidney damage


👉Poor sleep (insomnia)

👉frequent urination

👉possible drop in blood pressure

👉skin rashes and blemishes

👉Bobaraba syrup and capsules may cause abdominal bloating.

My advise.

I understand you desire to have big buttocks, hips and breasts for whatever reason but don’t you think you should do the appropriate thing… Bobaraba syrup is not FDA or NAFDAC approved yet it has found its way into the Nigerian and African market. The manufacturers of Bobaraba syrup and capsules claims it does not have #side #effects but you know this is totally false. Bobaraba syrup is not a safe drug as claimed… There is no drug in life that does not have side effects, Bobaraba syrup is not exempted.

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